Doyle's promise to the cruising sailor has been to make sailing easier and more enjoyable. Whether cruising in local waters or adventuring afar, we have the perfect sail solution for you. In addition to standard working sails, Doyle offers a number of unique handling systems and downwind sails.

All Doyle sails are designed on our proprietary moulding program, before being faired or smoothed. Every aspect of the mast is incorporated into the design including, forestay tension, mast bend and runner tension. Our sails are not only easy to sail with but easy to furl and control through wide wind range of wind speeds. Doyle Sails have a range of options to suit all aspects of cruising that are durable, easy to handle and a perfect fit for your yacht.


Doyle Sails offer the best available design technology, advice and manufacturing standards available in the sail making industry today. Your mainsail is fundamental to the performance of your yacht - our experts can ensure you get the perfect sail to suit your requirements.


Doyle's headsails offer some subtle refinements to what has become the basic principle of modern sail engineering, the concept of aligning fabric thread line with sail loadings. Combined with the best of modern composite materials, this structure produces a sail which is exceptionally light, yet strong.


A cruising code sail can often be the missing link between a genoa and a gennaker for performance cruisers. Gain power in light air and performance in a wider range of angles, both reaching or running. The cruising code sail is lightweight and easy to handle due to the light weight cable at the leading edge of the sail, providing greater efficiency.


Covering the entire range from broad running to tight reaching, Doyle’s downwind sails allow you to realize the full downwind potential of your boat. These sails maximize projected area, and utilize construction techniques that capture the cloth’s strengths and ensure stable flying shape.



StackPack is a mainsail handling system comprised of a fully battened mainsail with integral lazy jacks and a cover that opens automatically to accept the sail as it is lowered.


The Doyle Anomaly Headboard solves a major handling issue with modern square top mainsails with a very robust and elegant solution.


The Doyle Cradle Cover was developed by Doyle Sails so that a StackPack can be easily removed from the main. If the main needs repairs, a new main can be put on and the Cradle Cover reinstalled.


Make sailing easy and stress-free. Choose from our range of furling systems below - available for upwind and downwind sails. Whether cruising or racing there's an option for you.

From the beginning, Doyle Sails has been committed to making sailing more enjoyable and satisfying for their customers. Cruising sailors look for sails that are reliable, durable and easy to use. Whether it's a lazy sail back to port or a fast passage to the next secluded bay, Doyle Sails upwind and downwind cruising sails will get you there with the speed and ease of handling which only their experience and expertise can deliver.

Doyle Sails offers a range of sails to suit every coastal sailors need whether upwind or downwind, using either a traditional panelled or state-of-the-art membrane construction.

The fabrics that are chosen to be part of the Doyle Sails Coastal Cruising range are selected according to their UV rating, stability and longevity. Doyle Sails only works with the worlds best cloth manufacturers to deliver sails that perform better and last longer than others.

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