Nick and Terysa // RUBY ROSE II 

Nick and Terysa meet while backpacking through India 15 years ago, they share a common love of travel and soon after they met Terysa moved from Australia to live with Nick in England. Nick made a promise then that 5 years down the track they would leave England and go sailing around the world. A promise that he upheld which has seen the couple spend the last seven years sailing the world, including two Atlantic crossings and have 25,000 miles under their belt.

In 2020 just prior to the global pandemic, the duo began discussions with Seawind Yachts. Fast forward three years through an extended build period global delays with logistics and materials and this week they are set to launch their new Seawind 1370 catamaran, Ruby Rose II. 

Doyle Sails Qingdao expert John Hearne has worked closely with Nick and Terysa, becoming an integral part of designing their custom sailing inventory. “John is one of the easiest guys we have ever worked with, he knows his craft very well and always has a smile on his face, the process could not have been simpler,” says Nick when asked if he could detail the new sail process with John. “The partnership with Sailing Ruby Rose and Doyle Sails has been one of ease. Something that comes down to Hearne’s expertise. He has worked on many Seawind projects, so I often defer to his suggestions”, he continued. 

The Seawind 1370 will be sporting a full suite of Doyle Sails, which have been upgraded from Dacron sails to a Carbon Laminate Mainsail and Jib. The result for Ruby Rose II is a lightweight Carbon sail which will also have an increased abrasion resistance. 

“We have used Johns’s expertise and suggestions where he was very keen for us to use a Carbon laminate cloth for the performance benefits. I wouldn’t say this is beginner sail cloth, however, matched with our experience of sailing I think it will be perfect,” says Nick. 

They have also opted for a Cableless Screecher, which is set up as a furling sail with powered winches, which will be very functional for the short-handed sailing the couple will spend most of their time doing. 

“Doyle Sails are very good at this process, it’s a joy to watch,” said Nick. 

While they are not quite sure where their adventures will take them once they hit the water, Nick and Terysa are looking forward to their new performance-orientated yacht with a spectacular sail package, allowing them to cover a significant number of miles. Nick also mentioned the luxury they will have with the other mod-cons going into this boat, for example, the washing machine, which will eliminate spending all day when they get to port finding a laundromat, only to have the clean washing blown over the side when drying it. 

“We look forward to continuing our sailing journey with Doyle Sails,” says Nick.  

Follow along with Nick and Terysa’s journey on Ruby Rose 2 here // www.yachtrubyrose.com
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