Doyle has become a world-leader in racing sails through a combination of practical on-the-water experience and continual product development. With one of the largest investments in the industry for R&D, Doyle offers the very latest advances in racing sails. Whether racing on a Friday after work or racing around the world non-stop; Doyle can give you the edge you need to win.

The same knowledge and attention to detail that Doyle Sails provides to the very highest level of racers translates to racers who are interested in racing their boats in the local level.


Doyle Sails offer the best available design technology, advice and manufacturing standards available in the sail making industry today. Your mainsail is fundamental to the performance of your yacht - our experts can ensure you get the perfect sail to suit your requirements.


Doyle's headsails offer some subtle refinements to what has become the basic principle of modern sail engineering, the concept of aligning fabric thread line with sail loadings. Combined with the best of modern composite materials, this structure produces a sail which is exceptionally light, yet strong.


For racers who want every bit of extra performance, Doyle Sails has developed a range of highly specialized downwind code sails. These sails are highly customized to each individual boat and highlight Doyle’s diverse and innovative engineering capabilities and advanced construction techniques.


Doyle's line of spinnakers is adding a new dimension to reaching and running. Covering the entire range from broad running to tight reaching, Doyle spinnakers allow you to realize the full downwind potential of your boat.



Stratis sails deliver the ultimate in sail performance, reliability and style through custom construction, allowing for stronger, lighter and smoother sails.


Structured Luff technology offer more versatility and changes the way a sail behaves through a more balanced distribution of loads.


Our exclusive Cableless technology is a revolutionary sailmaking application that eliminates the use of torsion cables.


STRATIS Sail Art produce photo quality images onto sails with sharp detailing, a light, durable solution to artwork.

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