Innovation has always been at the core of Doyle Sails

Innovation around new and existing sailing technologies has always been at the core of the Doyle Sails operation. A major advantage of Doyle Sails is their stellar all-round team that cover every aspect of sailmaking from R&D and design to sailmaking technology. Doyle's strategy is to provide full support to all of customers across the board.

Stratis Technology

Doyle Sails proprietary sail membrane Stratis was developed in 2001 when Doyle Sails New Zealand realised that it was time for a new generation of sails. It was apparent that across the industry there was a need for lighter, longer lasting sails. From performance racing sails with higher durability to superyacht sails that required the physical structure of high modulus fibres to take the huge loads that were generated, through to cruising yachts that simply wanted lighter sails that were easier to handle.

The Stratis plant is based at the 11,000 sqm Doyle Sails New Zealand production facility. The factory has two production tables with multiple fibre laying machines and laminators on each production bed allowing a full range of sails to be produced from the smallest dinghies to the largest Superyachts.

By sailors, for sailors. 




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