Since 1982, Doyle Sails has delivered outstanding quality and innovation to our loyal customers across the globe. As a global business, we recognise that all our business activities have an impact. Impacts include our people, products, our community and the environment.

The ocean’s health is key to the sustainability of our business, and we endeavour to continuously improve our actions to ensure this is protected. Sustainability is a foundational pillar, from which outline our goals and bench marks to achieve sustainable business.

kilos of plastic recycled

Every surface arrives to our Stratis plant with a blue LDPE backing to protect it as it is first laid on the floor ready for the plotting and the lamination process. Up until now, this has been a non-recyclable waste product of our Stratis manufacturing process

Native Trees Planted

Doyle Sails donates a New Zealand native tree for every sail delivered from New Zealand, both locally and internationally. The ocean is our playground, and planting native trees contribute to healthier waterways and oceans.

Sails given a second life.

What happens to a sail at the end of its life has been a problem Doyle Sails has been working to solve for many years. However, finding an economically and sustainably sound solution for the millions of square meters of high-performance sails neatly stored all over the world is easier said than done.  Until now.


A Circular Story

‘A Circular Story’ bags are built tough and stand up to the conditions just like generations of Kiwi sailors. The range is versatile and water-resistant, the duffle bags with handy internal pockets to keep your valuables dry and secure anywhere from racing on the high seas to relaxing summer adventures on New Zealand’s stunning coastlines.


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