Doyle Sails New Zealand Achieves Toitū Enviromark Gold Accreditation for Sustainable Business Practices

Since 1982, Doyle Sails has been synonymous with exceptional quality and innovation, serving our loyal customers worldwide. As a global entity, we acknowledge the significant impact of our business operations on various fronts including our workforce, products, communities, and the environment.

The health of the oceans is paramount to our business sustainability, thus propelling us to consistently enhance our practices to safeguard it. Sustainability serves as a fundamental cornerstone, shaping our objectives and benchmarks towards achieving a sustainable business model.

Sustainability isn’t merely a buzzword in our lexicon; it’s a guiding principle steering every decision we make. Over the past couple of years, our operations in New Zealand have diligently pursued the prestigious Toitū Enviromark Gold standard accreditation. This rigorous certification, based on the globally recognized ISO 14001 standard, stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to a better future.

We are delighted to announce that in May 2024, Doyle Sails New Zealand proudly attained the Toitū Enviromark Gold accreditation. This significant achievement not only validates our ongoing endeavours to minimize our environmental impact but also underscores our dedication to continuous improvement.

Our sustainability initiatives revolve around four key pillars – purpose, profit, planet, and people. Every stride we take, regardless of its magnitude, contributes to forging a more sustainable tomorrow. For instance, we’ve instituted comprehensive recycling programs for our factory waste and phased out single-use cups from our lunchrooms.

The Enviromark Gold audit, conducted by independent assessors, provides an unbiased evaluation of Doyle Sails’ robust environmental management system. This accomplishment not only acknowledges the efforts of Doyle Sails New Zealand but also reflects positively on the entire Doyle Sails Group, the birthplace of our flagship membrane, Stratis.

Nevertheless, our sustainability journey is ongoing. We understand that, akin to the world, we are in a constant state of evolution, leaving ample room for growth. Thus, we remain steadfast in setting ambitious goals, fostering collaborations with like-minded entities, and inspiring others to join us on this voyage towards a better future.

To delve deeper into our sustainable approach, click here.

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