Nice work - you have taken the first step to becoming a Doyle Sailmaker!

We believe change comes through education and mentorship. We strive to provide continuous education and development of our people, along with developing the future generation of sailmakers. We developed The Doyle Sailmaking Programme to create opportunities for the next generation of sailmakers, and ensure skills are kept in our local loft communities.

The Doyle Sailmaking Programme is regarded as one of the most comprehensive and advanced sailmaking curriculums in the world. With over 35 years of experience in training and developing world class sailmakers, we have developed over 500 sailmakers over the last 25 years.

Apprentices will have the chance to work alongside some of the most high-profile sailors and campaigns, and have the opportunity to apply for a paid internship at one of our Doyle Sails lofts around the world during the three year programme, keeping our communities employed, and empowered to become the next leaders.

The next generation also bring a special perspective on sustainability and business, and we will continue to listen and absorb from them on how we can evolve our journey.

“There has never been a more exciting time to join Doyle Sails as an apprentice - we are a bunch of sailors who are passionate about sailing and lucky enough to have the opportunity to come to work and talk about boats everyday. The constant technical advancements we are making in sail making applications means that we are leaps and bounds in front of our competitors and working with some of the biggest and most high profile campaigns in the world.

We have never lost sight of the importance of growing our work force and developing apprentices through hands on experience with our expert sailmakers - this will remain a crucial part of our business and one we will continue to invest in”.

- Mike Sanderson, CEO



Around the world, Doyle Sails employs over 560 people, in more than 50 lofts, all equally as passionate about our sails and the service we deliver to our customers. The career paths that are available within Doyle Sails have the ability to take you further than any other sailmaking organisation worldwide. The only question is how far do you want to go?

When you become one of our Doyle Sailmaker doors will open and unique opportunities are on offer, while the programme provides you with accelerated learning and development. As a Doyle Sailmaker, you will work with the best Doyle sailmakers in the world and gain valuable hands on sailmaking experience as well as a qualification that is recognised worldwide by Doyle Sails.

The Doyle Sailmaking programme has been designed and developed to align specifically with our globally recognised Doyle Sails workmanship and manufacturing standards and tried and tested by many professional sailmakers. Once you graduate from the programme, you will you will be permanently placed within our team and become a qualified Doyle Sailmaker.

If you would like to visit our loft and discuss the opportunities around sailmaking or to see the facilities, we would be happy to meet with you.

Who can apply? If you would like to join our team of world class sailmakers, it is important to download the information pack and complete the application form here. Please email this to jobs@doylesails.com

Once your application has been received and the information meets our criteria, we will be in contact to arrange an interview. We like to meet with you on site at Doyle Sails as we can then show you the working environment in a little more detail. Sometimes, more than one interview is required and once our facilitator has met with you and discussed all that is required, a formal approval or declination will be made.

"I really came to the loft not knowing anything about sailmaking. The whole process has taken a while to perfect and I am still learning how to do things more efficiently every day. Spreading the sails on the floor and learning how and why the curves affect a sail’s performance has made me look at sailing so much differently. I now work in the downwind department, making spinnakers and code zeros!

- Alison Kent, Downwind Manager

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