LIBERTY: SW96 successful sea trials

Doyle Sails most recent collaboration with Southern Wind Shipyard has seen the successful sea trials of the SW96, Liberty. The fifth hull in the successful SW96 line splashed in Cape Town in February ahead of the successful sea trials.  

Liberty was built for an experienced Southern Wind owner looking to alternate comfortable cruising in his family’s company with more performance-oriented experiences on board his new SW96, with an emphasis on racing. 

Doyle Sails Italy’s Mario Giattino fosters the relationship between Doyle Sails and Southern Wind and was pleased to return from the launch in Cape Town with brilliant results. Mario commented, “I am extremely pleased with the positive results from the recent sea trials we conducted in Cape Town onboard Liberty. The constant and invaluable collaboration with the shipyard has significantly contributed to the success of this project. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the people involved and the owner for their trust in us. The sail trials have confirmed the quality and effectiveness of our work, ensuring optimal performance and safe, efficient sailing”.

The Doyle Sails global design team works with each project from its inception, with lead designer Stefano Nava, adding, “with every new build, there is an inclusive, circular process where all suppliers involved work collaboratively on all aspects of the design – this ensures that every component of these yachts is intrinsically linked and designed to meet all parameters of the yacht and its owner. At every iteration the details are narrowed until all the parties converge at a final design.” He continues, “Doyle Sails has had the pleasure of working with Southern Wind for several years and this particular project confirms our successful collaboration with the shipyard. In the process, our teams now operate in a very streamlined, efficient way with an understanding of what is required from all suppliers. This results in all parties delivering the highest quality and result.” 

“As the sailmakers behind Structured Luff technology, we take full advantage of this technology in the blade, which carries the Structured Luff fibre structure and design, allowing us to transfer up to 6T of load in the luff of the sail, flattening the shape and reducing the luff sag considerably to make the sail lighter and easier to handle across a wider wind range.  Stefano continues, “The Cableless Staysail and Code Zero are free-flying sails, which means they don’t need a torsional cable or an internal forestay to support them. This results in a greater ease of handling and stowage, with the overall set-up being lighter and “softer”. This style of sail design was the first iteration of Structured Luff sails, which continues to be found in most of our sail design.” 

Doyle Sails’ experience has been accumulated over years working with many maxi yacht projects, bolstered further by the integral part it has played as the sailmaker of choice to many Southern Wind owners across the 90—to 110-footers that have recently launched.

Doyle Sails was honoured to be the sailmaker of choice for this year and is excited to introduce to you the newest addition to the Southern Wind Family: Liberty

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