Doyle Sails is synonymous with high-performance Grand Prix campaigns and Superyachts, remaining at the forefront of innovation, design and technology, continually redefining sailing as we know it. Today announced that they are joining forces with Spanish cable and rigging specialists Fabrica Workshop.

Throughout the partnership, engineers and rigging specialists from Doyle Sails and Fabrica Workshop will develop an exclusive range of dedicated products that integrate seamlessly into Doyle Sails Structured Luff and Stratis technology. The companies share similar performance, innovation and sustainability philosophies, offering a significant gain to new and existing Doyle Sails clients.


“I’ve known Alberto (Albi) and many of Fabrica Workshop guys for a long time as we have all raced with and against each other for years; they’re world-class sailors and true experts in their field. We’re partnering with a team that shares our same core philosophies – people, performance, innovation, and reliability. We have always said that Doyle Sails believes that having the best people will ultimately lead to our customers having the most advanced and refined product. We have significantly upped the firepower by collaborating our global Doyle team with the Fabrica team overnight.

“With this partnership, both Doyle Sails and Fabrica Workshop gain more knowledge, the very latest equipment and technology and a strong European based operation to really deliver a world-class product to our customers. I am very excited to be able to announce this fantastic partnership.”

- Mike Sanderson, Doyle Sails International CEO

ABOUT FABRICA WORKSHOP// Fabrica Workshop allows us to express our creativity and apply it to our sport. Born from a client and sailor perspective, we understand our role in making a boat competitive. Time on the water is essential; we hope to learn as much with you to carry into the next event. We are always looking for an edge on the racetrack, whether for performance, cost, or sustainability. By working with Fabrica Workshop, you will get results on the water.

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Bryce Voderberg, HEAD OF RIGGING

Doyle Sails and Fabrica announced a powerhouse partnership last week, an association that requires seamless collaboration between both Doyle Sails and Fabrica rigging and engineering experts. Overseeing the innovation, design and development of the Doyle Sails Rigging department is Bryce Voderberg, an Oregon, USA native that grew up in a small mountain town called Bend before moving to New Zealand in 2009 and taking up a career with Doyle Sails.

Read more about Bryce here.

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