A cruising code sail can often be the missing link between a genoa and a gennaker for performance cruisers. Gain power in light air and performance in a wider range of angles, both reaching or running.

The cruising code sail is lightweight and easy to handle due to the light weight cable at the leading edge of the sail, providing greater efficiency to your cruising.

For cruisers who want every bit of extra performance, Doyle Sails has developed a specialized downwind code sail for easy handling. The cruising code sail is highly customized to each individual boat and highlights Doyle’s diverse innovative engineering capabilities and advanced construction techniques.

Extra sail area is always a plus in light air and being able to sail closer to the wind is an added bonus. The large roach for more efficient lift and greater power makes the sail more versatile across a wider range of Apparent Wind Angles.

The cruising code sail is easy to handle, easy to store and easy to set and has become the sail of choice with cruisers with non-overlapping headsails. This sail requires a small luff line at the leading edge of the sail - depending on the set up of the yacht and existing hardware, your expert Doyle team can guide you through the best option for your boat.

Seamless furling of these sails offers exceptional ease of handling as you can simply furl, tack or gybe with greater efficiency. If furling isn’t an option, the Cruising Code Sail can be used with an ATN sleeve.

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Elliptical leech profile provides maximum power for light air, on the wind angles, reaching and running.

Large, light corner patches ensure that shape is held and that the sail is allowed to ‘float’ free from the boat.

Integrated furler and high load head swivel for safe and reliable furling.

Each Cruising Code Sail comes with:

  • Integrated Roller Furling Unit (priced separately)
  • Luff Line
  • Leech and Foot Lines
  • Telltales
  • Sail Bag
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