Doyle Sails to power Gone With The Wynns

When YouTuber’s Nikki and Jason Wynn were stranded in New Zealand onboard their Leopard 43, Curiosity, during the covid pandemic in 2021, and following a less-than-ideal experience with another sailmaker, Doyle Sails International extended an invitation to visit the New Zealand head office and explore the loft and for the Doyle team to meet the infamous cruising duo. 

Nikki and Jason Wynn have collected millions of followers across their YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook platforms, where fans join them as they visit far-flung areas of the globe and provide insightful guides to almost every aspect of multihull cruising. They are a performance cruising encyclopaedia, full to the brim with honest, valuable information and experiences, all packaged in carefully curated, relatable video content released monthly to their fans and followers. 

What started out as a coffee at the Doyle head office quickly shifted into a discussion about how Doyle Sails could support the Wynns as they explored options for their new HH44. The pair spent countless hours in the loft with designers, salespeople and the marketing team to understand what makes Doyle Sails tick. They quickly realised it was the people within the business that they connected with, offering valuable insight into the specifics of their yacht—a true representation of the Doyle Sails ‘by sailors, for sailors’ ethos. After two years of discussion, HH44 Curiosity is due for launch in July and will be powered by Doyle Sails. 

As leaders in the industry Doyle Sails know a thing or two about how to make cruising easier, multihull or not, we have worked to develop systems and products to ensure cruising is as easy as can be, and after considerable discussion, the Wynns have chosen to go with a full inventory of custom Doyle Stratis sails to reduce weight and increase ease of handling. 

Nikki and Jason will showcase the entire Doyle Sails process through their own eyes as they work with their salesperson, Doyle design teams, project managers and production staff, ahead of documenting the sea trials and sail fitting process, upheld by all Doyle Sails lofts around the world. 

“Hybrid electric sailboats will become the standard and we’re amped to be among the early adopters. Our new HH44 will allow us to cruise through the doldrums in silence but with our motor as backup.  Our sails are our primary mode of propulsion and knowing we have the support, quality and performance of Doyle Sails has us beyond excited.  We don’t know which we are looking forward to more, the performance of the structured luff or the ease of cableless code sails.  We absolutely cannot wait to hit the water!“ said Nikki, the couple have recently been checking out yachts at the La Grande Motte Boat Show.

Chief Operating Officer for Doyle Sails International, Emma Hendy commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Nikki and Jason as they take on their next adventure. Doyle Sails supports thousands of cruising sailors and the way the Wynns embrace the self-reliant cruising lifestyle is unmatched; their dedication to creating informative videos to assist other sailors who share the same passion for sailing as we do will be a huge asset to the Doyle community. We’re looking forward to being an integral part of their journey, after following along for many years”. 

Nikki and Jason first went “offline” and moved away from their 9 to 5 office jobs in 2011, spending the first five years on the road in their RV – a trip that took them to every corner of North America and Alaska. Their passion for exploration then transferred to the ocean when the pair purchased their first yacht a Leopard 43 without a touch of sailing experience. The duo, filled with determination have now become a guiding light to the sailing community as they continue to sail around the world.

ABOUT DOYLE SAILS // Doyle Sails strives to connect our world-class sailors with the sailors of the world to inspire, support and encourage sustainable sailing. Delivering enjoyment and success through high-performance, high-quality, custom sails that continue to redefine the boundaries of sail-making technology and innovation.
As sailors, our obsession with sailing connects us to the water. The water is our playground; a sanctuary where we seek enjoyment and relaxation; a competitive playing field; sometimes our home, and always a place that unlocks our sense of adventure wherever that adventure takes us.

Our obsession with sailing takes us to every corner of the world and onboard every yacht. We become part of teams, share in the adventures of friends and families, sharing our knowledge and experience with those with the same passion. Sailing is in our DNA, and we are the custodians of a legacy that has been supporting sailors for four decades and counting.

By sailors, for sailors.

ABOUT GONE WITH THE WYNNS // Nikki and Jason Wynn, A couple of modern-day documentarians, perpetual travellers, and seekers of tall tales.
We’ve been chasing our curiosity around the world on wheels and keels since 2011.  Why? Because curiosity is the key to unlocking life.  It pushes us outside our comfort zone, softens our assumptions, and helps us embrace the great unknown.
The more we let our curiosity lead the way, the more we discover about ourselves and the world around us. Our journey is ever-evolving but the mission remains the same: Cultivate Curiosity

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