Doyle Sails offer the best available design technology, advice and  manufacturing standards available in the sail making industry today. Your  mainsail is fundamental to the performance of your yacht - our experts can ensure you get  the perfect sail to suit your requirements. The Doyle Mainsail has the ideal batten configuration and fiber layout for the specific yacht it was built for. The Batten configuration varies depending on the size of boat. As many a 7 Battens may be used to support the roach, and add to durability. This layout provides a durable and versatile performing sail. Fiber re-enforced mainsails have been around for many years. At Doyle, we have utilize multiple fibers that allow for careful rotation of the thread line with the sails loads. The STRATIS layout has been up graded to give strength all the way to the mast, to handle the mast bend loads. New technology in fibers, design, and patching allows us to manufacture a truly molded sail that is glass smooth, and stronger than ever before - as well as a new corner layout  which is ighter and stronger than in the past. We are able to achieve this through utilizing the fibers to their  maximum  efficiency and laminating them as part of the sail. Doyle mainsails have the durability advantage provided by the stability of the full top battens and the performance advantage of varying shape because of standard length lower battens. All Doyle racing mainsails come standard with tapered battens.. All Doyle sails are designed on our proprietary molding program. All sails are faired and smoothed. Every aspect of the mast is incorporated into the  design. Mast bend and  runner tension are two critical factors when designing a mainsail. Doyle mainsails have the ability to be bladed out or powered up and the conditions warrant. Our mainsails are not only easy to sail with, but  easy to control through a wide wind range. The Doyle STRATIS main is the perfect solution for racing. It is durable, yet high performance and easy to handle.



STRATIS Technology, surfaces and fibres.



The original Cableless Sails.



Structured Luff sails, exclusively Doyle.

The fleet start a practice race ahead of Sydney SailGP, Event 1 Season 2 in Sydney Harbour, Sydney, Australia. 27 February 2020. Photo: Bob Martin for SailGP. Handout image supplied by SailGP


Lighter, photo quality prints.


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