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There is no other sailmaker in Australia with more combined experience and a larger loft network than Doyle Sails – they’re also the only sailmakers building high end Grand Prix and Superyacht sails for Australian sailors in Australia.


The differences don’t stop with their Australian Made sails – each and every loft is owned and operated by local sailors, not just in Australia but around the world, all sharing a common obsession with sailing. The global network of Doyle Sails loft owners know how to serve their customers and at each Doyle Sails loft, that is what you get, quality service from sailors who care about you and your sailing – you are never just a number.

The natural environment of Australia is the perfect backdrop to some of the world’s best sailing, producing some of the world’s best sailors from the rugged but beautiful coastline. As many of these sailors join Doyle Sails and choose to be part of one of the most technologically advanced sailmaking groups, the knowledge and intelligence that goes into Doyle sails continues to grow. With Doyle sailors and sailmakers on the start line of every major event in the world means that this coal face experience quickly filters through the rest of the Doyle Sails network, delivering custom sails with innovative technology to every sail.


“I have used Doyle Sails as my primary supplier of sails for many years, and have found their sails to be fast, durable and right up there with the latest technology. I have had many good experiences and won and hit the podium in many regattas and blue water events. I sailed primarily in one design fleets like the Sydney 38 and Farr 40 classes before moving into the Grand Prix world of TP52’s and a good fast set of sails is an absolute must! These fleets are very competitive and you are looking for any edge. Certainly the developments in their structured luff technology has given us this with our reaching sails.

“After sails service such as rig tuning and getting the luff curve right on a mainsail are part of the service, and Doyle always steps up to the mark to ensure things fit, work and achieve the best result.

“Pricing is a contentious issue always, and Doyle sells their sails at an acceptable price considering the technology and laminate structures of their sails. I would recommend Doyle as a sail supplier to anyone”.

– Gordon Ketelbey, Owner of Zen 40 & Zen 52


Sailmaking is an art form, one of which the Australian Doyle Sails loft network is proud to have kept in Australia. Younger generations like Shane Guanaria from Sydney and Blake Anderson from Melbourne have learned the ropes and gained experience from some of the most well respected sailmakers in Australia including Will Hammond and Col Anderson. The history of Doyle Sails in Australia is steeped in knowledge spreading across multiple generations.

The long standing history with Doyle Sails is complimented by fresh faces across the group – in particular, Sydney local and world renowned yachtsman Chris Nicholson is a relatively recent addition to the team. Chris joined Doyle Sails in 2018 and has helped deliver Doyle Sails to many local and international Grand Prix and Superyacht campaigns including InfoTrack and Comanche. Chris now works in partnership with Shane Guanaria from Sydney, servicing all yachts from local cruisers and racers through to Grand Prix race yachts and large Offshore cruising yachts.

Many young sailors these days look to make an impression and land a role as a professional sailor and often the best road in to that very tight knit group of elite sailors is with a sailmaking qualification to your name. Certainly for Nick Dineen in Tasmania and Shane Guanaria, their career as sailmakers has meant they have had the opportunity to sail with thousands of sailors around the world.


“The Chutzpah team has had a 35-year-long relationship with Col Anderson and more recently Blake Anderson at their Doyle loft in Melbourne.

“Over that period 8 yachts have been built in the 34-40 foot range aimed at bay and ocean racing on the Australian sea board. Most have been one-off designs requiring significant initial input into the sail plan from the loft and subsequent ongoing sail development.

“The yachts have been highly successful in all forms of racing with multiple podium finishes including a record eleven divisional wins in the Sydney to Hobart race along with a raft of championships locally on Port Philip. The current Chutzpah is a Reichel Pugh 40 which established a new record for the fastest time in the Hobart race for yachts under 12.5 metres and was the overall winner in the 2018 Sydney Gold Coast Race against Australia’s premier fleet. These recent results can be largely attributed to the developments in the latest generation of Doyle’s reaching and running sails.

“In over 30 years of ocean sailing covering tens of thousands of miles we have never experienced an overt sail failure from the Anderson at the Doyle Melbourne loft; a truly remarkable record”.

– Bruce Taylor, Owner of Reichel Pugh 40 Chutzpah

Sydney Harbour

With the majority of sailmakers in Australia now choosing to operate retail spaces and service centres there certainly is a draw card with the personal, “tailor made” approach that Doyle Sails takes in Australia – there is nothing quite like being able to go and check in on your sail while it is being made locally by your local Doyle loft. As our world continues to change, buying locally is something that continues to gain momentum not only in sailmaking but in many industries, a factor that continues to help Doyle Sails in Australia grow to become the largest manufacturing sailmaker in Australia.

The Doyle Sails network is a group of tight knit, like minded sailors who benefit from the ability to work closely and leverage from other lofts within the network. For Australia, this partnership is found in their closest loft, Doyle Sails New Zealand. Doyle Sails New Zealand supports the entire network in Australia (and the rest of the world) – particularly with world class designer and five-time Volvo Ocean Race veteran Justin Ferris, offering design and support to all lofts and their clients.

The design and technology support continues into Stratis, with all Stratis membranes being built in New Zealand before travelling the short distance across the Tasman to be finished with each customer’s specific requirements in Australia.

Speak to your local expert:

Doyle Sails Sydney // Shane Guanaria // shane@doylesails.com

Doyle Sails Sydney // Chris Nicholson // chris.nicholson@doylesails.com

Doyle Sails Melbourne // Blake Anderson // blake.anderson@doylesails.com

Doyle Sails Tasmania // Nick Dineen // nick.dineen@doylesails.com

Doyle Sails Perth // Will Hammond // will.hammond@doylesails.com

Doyle Sails Adelaide // Tim Cowen // tim.cowen@doylesails.com

Doyle Sails Queensland // Chris Lark // chris.lark@doylesails.com

Doyle Sails Whitsunday // Charles Wallis // charles.wallis@doylesails.com

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