DOYLE SAILS x LIVE OCEAN | A circular story

After considerable hard work and dedication to create a circular story for Doyle Sails, we’re proud to introduce the limited-edition DOYLE SAILS x LIVE OCEAN | A Circular Story luggage range. The range has been designed in collaboration with the high-profile ocean conservation charity founded by Peter Burling and Blair Tuke and made from repurposed high-performance Doyle sails and other recycled sailmaking materials.

Live Ocean X Doyle Sails Bags, Luggage, Sustainability

As global leaders with the ocean as our playground, DOYLE SAILS and LIVE OCEAN share a passion for sustainability, striving to make the best environmental, social, and economic decisions throughout our journey.

Ultimately as a team of sailmakers and sailors who use the ocean as both a workplace and a place of leisure, we have an innate awareness of the need for its protection.  While continuing our journey towards a more sustainable future, creating a circular story for our sails at the end of their life is essential, and the Doyle Sails x Live Ocean collaboration is just that.

Expertly handcrafted by professional sailor and sailmaker Stacey Jackson, with long summer days, beach adventures and picnics in mind, no two bags are the same. Each one sports a unique colour combination making them entirely one of a kind, with a story.

Stacey Jackson has travelled the world as a sailmaker and been an integral part of many professional sailing teams, including the Ocean Race. Witnessing first-hand the effects of population on the ocean, Stacey has enabled Doyle Sails to use the no longer required sails and transform them into stylish accessories perfect for the beach, boat or street.

Limited edition bags are available now at both doylesails.com and liveocean.com.

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