Doyle Team Riders head to Moth Worlds in Malcesine, Italy

With one week until the Moth World Championships the fleet of Moth sailors from around the globe are set to descend on Lake Garda. Doyle Sails has a strong team of riders, including Phil Robertson, Kyle Langford, Tom Johnson and Nina Curtis who will be travelling straight from the SailGP Denmark event to Malcesine.

Kyle Langford foiling – photo by @Matt.bda

Newcomer to the Moth is Aussie Olympian Nina Curtis. Nina won a silver medal in 2012 Womens Match racing, a 3rd place in the Volvo Ocean Race with Team Brunel in 2017/18 and now part of the Australian SailGP team. Nina will competing in her first Moth World’s is being supported by her fellow sailors and training crew, with Kyle Langford loaning her a boat for her first regatta. Also sailing Doyle powered Moths for the Worlds are Diego Botin, David Gillmour, Sam Gilmour, Fredrik Appelberg and Axel Munkby.

Nina Curtis on the pumps of the Australian SailGP F50 in Plymouth

‘I’m going to fully battle, but will have some fun and learn lots” said Curtis, but seeing as she’s never sailed a Moth and day one on the water saw her sailing and not swimming, there’s skill in that alone! – Nina Curtis

Doyle Moth sails are the light at the end of the tunnel for an international class that is home to some of the best foiling sailors in the world. These sailors know that when yachts are the same, sails are an opportunity to gain a performance advantage, and this is it. Don’t get left behind. Our new Doyle Sails 2020 International Moth range is an iteration of the very successful Doyle sails used at the Moth World Championships in 2019. New to the 2020 Doyle Sails Moth range is a world-class Stratis membrane option, which further optimises the Structured Luff design and ultimately brings more speed into the Moth Class. The refined finishing details and fit is in keeping with our ethos of lighter weight and better shape, equal more speed.


With more than 3kg less weight in the sail, a Doyle Moth sail is the ultimate performance advantage. When a fully rigged Moth weighs between 35 – 38 kg fully rigged, this is a big gain for the overall weight of the yacht. Less weight = more speed.

Doyle Moth Sail: 4kg
Other Moth Sail: 7kg

MADE FROM CARBON: Doyle Moth sails are the only sails available to this class that include Carbon, delivering less stretch, less weight and more performance. The inclusion of carbon also means that Doyle Moth sails hold their shape throughout the wind range. All other alternatives offering a lower performance orientated product, with more stretch and weight.


ABOUT DOYLE SAILS // Around the world, Doyle Sails has over 500 sailmakers in 46 different locations, all equally passionate about sailing – living and breathing our ethos’ Global Leaders and Local Experts.’

As sailors, our obsession with sailing connects us to the water. The water is our playground, a sanctuary where we seek enjoyment, a competitive playing field where we race as competitors; it’s sometimes our home and always a place that unlocks our sense of adventure wherever that adventure might take us. Behind every adventure is a Doyle sailor who shares this same obsession as you. We put your journey at the very heart of what we do to deliver the ultimate enjoyment and performance, powering our constant need to push the boundaries in sail design and innovation, to reimagine sailing.

From dinghies, club racers and cruising yachts through to Grand Prix campaigns and Superyachts, we are your experts.

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