NIKKI: Kids Foiling is changing the game!

Check out Royal Yachting Association‘s review of the NIKKI, the newest member of the Skeeta Foiling Craft family and the first purpose-built junior foiling yacht, proudly powered by Doyle Sails.

​Nikki is a brand new dinghy designed and built by big kids, for kids and lighter sailors. A boat we wished we had when we were younger and learning to sail.

​Nikki is a fully open, modern scow designed for learning to sail and fun, competitive sailing. It’s capable of planing up-wind, bringing a whole new level of fun to youth sailing; a new thrill to captivate and entrench young sailors into the sport for life!

The hull is stable, robust and simple. The steering is light and direct, allowing new sailors to develop their skills and feel. It also introduces a pathway to high-performance sailing. Nikki’s wings can easily and quickly be removed in less than five seconds. Just one pin holds them in place, making getting to the water even quicker.

Its simple foiling system dramatically reduces the chance of ‘foil crashing’, as experienced with many other foiling craft, making it much more accessible to the wider public.

  • The fully-retractable foils can be easily clipped on or off, all by the push of a button. No need to tip the boat over when rigging!
  • The fully-adjustable wand allows sailors to start low to the water’s surface and gradually fly higher as they gain skill and experience.
  • The two-piece carbon fibre mast has different length mast bases to suit the sail size.

​Nikki has been designed to address as many safety aspects as possible:

  • A boom pad to help reduce the risk of head injuries.
  • Capsize-righting ropes as standard, so sailors of any weight can easily right the boat.
  • High-visibility colours on sails, wings and foils, so others can easily spot Nikki from a distance.
  • Clamps on both centreboard and rudder box, to hold retracted foils while on land.
  • A mast lock to prevent the mast from falling out in the event of a capsize.

Learn more: skeetafoilingcraft.com/nikki

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