The Doyle Sails 2023 World Champion Etchells AP-2 Main features all Epoxy RBS battens with rocket pocket adjustors on all four battens. The AP-2 main is designed for the newer stiffer mast. The top batten flies more open and as a result, it is harder to stall the top telltale when fully sheeted.
Doyle’s newest main is the M3: Developed for and used by Peter Duncan in the 2023 Miami Worlds. The M3 has a lower twist design to be sheeted harder for improved pointing.

Doyle Sails now offer 3 Jibs to our market
Light Medium Structured Luff Radial Jib (LM-SL 3P2) which won the  2023 Worlds,  features dual tabs to optimize performance from 3 – 15 knots and overlap with the up-range NLM-7 or DCH-8 jibs  The 3P2 structured luff jib was developed for the narrower sheeting angles of the DOG tracks to be powerful in light air while extending its upper range when on short tabs with the structured luff panels.
6.5 oz  NLM-7 Crosscut Jib(used to win both the 2016 and 2023 Worlds)  features dual tabs to optimize performance from 10 to 22 knots. The NLM-7 is our most proven and popular crosscut design for inboard sheeting in medium to heavy air.
6.8 oz DCH-8 Crosscut Jib (1st 2023 North Americans and 3rd 2023 Worlds) features dual tabs to optimize performance from 13 to 25 knots.
All jibs have adjustable spectra leech and foot lines as well as all radial corner reinforcing. Each jib features an optional stiffer batten and velcro pocket ends for quick changes.

VMG Radial - The VMG Radial spinnaker is our most popular AP Kite made from minimum weight AIRX 500 and optimized for 4 to 14 knots. The sail dimensions are all max with the exception of a near minimum head girth for light air downwind sailing.
Radial Runner - The AIRX 500 Radial Runner is designed flatter in the middle and shorter on the foot to increase projected area while square running in 12- 25 knots...

When the one designs come down to one, it's Doyle. The big difference in one design.

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