Our Partnership with Sailing La Vagabonde

Performance Multihulls continue to gain more momentum, and with more performance (or ‘velocidade’ as Riley refers to it) comes better handling and style. At Doyle Sails, this is our forte, and we’re very proud to have partnered with Sailing La Vagabonde on their journey around the world while we all live vicariously through their sailing adventures they share with us.

We are obsessed with sailing, and we’re all about partnering with those that share that same obsession as we do. Riley, Elayna and their son Lenny are an Australian family travelling the world, filming their journey along the way. We first met Riley in 2019, three days before the start of the Sydney Hobart, where we chatted about his dreams about taking his family around the world on an emission’s free yacht and we couldn’t have been more excited to join their journey.

Mike Sanderson, Doyle Sails CEO comments, “we’re very excited about this partnership with Sailing La Vagabonde, coming on board with Riley, Elayna and little Lenny as they cruise around the world on their performance multihull to all these wonderful places. At the end of the day, we’re all about people who love sailing, and it will be really cool to be part of their amazing adventure”.

We’ve been in discussions with Riley and Elayna for a while, discussing all of the benefits of our STRATIS technology alongside our exclusive Structured Luff and Cableless sails – they’re all about making their sailing faster, safer, easier and most importantly enjoyable.

Riley commented, “Doyle Sails reputation in sailing is just absolutely elite, so we’re very very proud to have them on board, using them to perform the miracle of sailing upwind, cause that really is a miracle.. That still baffles me… We’re beyond excited, this is going to be big”.

Both Elayna and Riley are very passionate about the environment and reducing their footprint to as little as possible, so to bring Doyle Sails and Oceanvolt on at the same time to reduce their emissions is key. “This whole thing was only going to happen if something incredible happened, and it did. The way we are going to be moving on this new vessel with sails and electric propulsion and both Doyle Sails and Oceanvolt came forward and said they wanted to partner with us. Essentially the way we are going to move is going to be taken care of, so this is a huge deal and so thankful” says Elayna.

The performance of sails is key to the success of any sailing, be it enjoying a day sail or sailing offshore. Here at Doyle Sails, we are experts in making your sailing exciting as it can be, taking pride in showcasing this through our many happy owners and successful campaigns.

Join Sailing La Vagabonde here, or for more on how we can bring more enjoyment to your sailing, click here.

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