Chosen by the world's most spectacular Superyachts. 

In a world of performance Superyachts, the idea of less load, less weight and easier handling for crew is enticing. Fusing design, technology and performance is an art form, something Doyle Sails has mastered.

Doyle Sails continued growth and respect in the Superyacht market has been a result of design and engineering expertise, world renowned attention to detail, outstanding reliability and the huge importance placed on providing the very greatest service.


Of the many examples of yachts that have already benefited from Structured Luff sails is the 39m Tripp designed ‘G2’. Built by Vitters in 2009 and re-fitted by Pendennis in 2018, her Structured Luff sail carries greater luff projection, making the sail more powerful and efficient without increasing any loads. Indeed, there has been a significant load reduction.

But the benefits for the owner and crew of ‘G2’ go further with a big increase in the range of conditions that the sail can be used.

‘The owner of ‘G2’ is always very keen on sailing the boat and so the sail handling was a priority for the crew,’ says Hendy. ‘With the new technology they are not only able to use the sail in a much wider range of wind angles and speeds, but the sail furls reliably and is much easier to handle on deck. It’s also that much easier to get in and out of the sail locker and is used a great deal more as a result. In fact, they use this sail so much now that they have had a UV strip fitted so that they can leave it hoisted for longer periods and it has become their cruising sail of choice.’

It is this increased range that is further driving the interest in Structured Luff sails but it is also a benefit that doesn’t just apply to the bigger boats.

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