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We work closely with our charity partners, giving back to our local community, and collaborating in initiatives where we can.

Live Ocean

In 2019, Doyle Sails joined forces with Live Ocean, a marine conservation charity set up in collaboration with New Zealand sailors Peter Burling and Blair Tuke. Live Ocean has a focus on projects involving marine science, innovation and public education.

Doyle partnered with Live Ocean on their first project to help protect the Antipodean albatross. Doyle donated a state-of-the-art satellite tracker, which will be attached to an albatross. This will help researchers to track the albatross, and record vital data to aid in protection efforts.

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The Westpac Rescue Helicopter

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter has been operating for over 50 years, helping to save the lives of New Zealander’s in the Auckland region. The helicopter operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A Charitable Trust was formed in 1990, to provide and develop a highly efficient aeromedical service for the benefit of the community at large.

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The NZ Sailing Trust

The NZ Sailing Trust was inspired by the adventures of Sir Peter Blake and his racing teams. They exist to ensure that key historical yachts are preserved, and sailing adventures are run on board to inspire the next generation – helping to encourage leadership, courage and teamwork.

The Trust was established in 2008 to enable as many young New Zealanders as possible to experience sailing, and learn about New Zealand’s sailing history.

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"When you're in the Southern Ocean, working so hard, sometimes you'll see an albatross flying next to the boat. They make it look so easy, barely moving their enormous wings, they're just so effortless. The sailing community has got to come around to this because most people will never see an albatross in their lifetime. If we don't, they'll be gone in our children's lifetime. Doyle's gift of a satellite tracker on behalf of their clients and team is so valuable. Good data is the first step in saving this iconic species. Thank you."

- Peter Burling & Blair Tuke


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