The next phase in youth sailing is here with the imminent launch of the F8 Foiler.

The idea behind the F8 was to create a simple kids foiling boat that can be used as the initial stepping stone on a young sailors journey as they learn to foil and as they move towards sailing in bigger foiling boats. A lot of kids these days just simply want to go fast and Doyle Sails is proud to be part of a project that is focused solely on bringing more excitement and diversity to youth sailing, initially in New Zealand and then to the world.

The F8 Foiler is yet to be released, but Dan Leech – the man behind the design, have had expressions of interest from more than 20 people in New Zealand and then more from around the world. 

As youth sailors progress from the more traditional beginnings of dinghy sailing, the F8 Foiler provides an alternative progression which enables youth to follow in the footsteps of their idols foiling in the America’s Cup or SailGP. One thing is certain, these are set to redefine the boundaries of youth sailing.

A key focus of the F8 Foiler is to build the boats strong and robust enough to be handled by the younger generation ; yet to keep everything as simple as possible for kids. There will be no rudder rake control, instead a predetermined setting with a relatively low ride height which can be set before leaving the beach. In its most simplest form, the sailor will be responsible for the control of the vang, downhaul and outhaul. The primary focus of the F8 Foiler is the goal to make this a safe and enjoyable opportunity for kids – one key feature is the generous buoyancy being added to the wings so that when a kid is out on the wing, it won’t immerse.

The F8 Foiler is small, with an length overall of 2.4m – about 100mm longer than a P Class or Optimist with a sail area is 4.2 sqm. The yacht has been designed with the target crew weight is 25 – 55 kg.

The prototype will be launched in about 4 weeks’ time, once Dan receives the sail from Doyle’s. The production boats will be built using e glass with a foam core. Dan Leech chose to work with both C-Tech and Doyle Sails in the development in mast and sails. The mast is a carbon two-piece, free standing mast, with an aluminium boom and conventional vang system.

All F8 Foilers will be sold complete and ready to sail including Doyle sails.

Follow the F8 Foiler on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/F8FOILER/posts/?ref=page_internal
Contact: Dan Leech – dan@leechboats.com


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