The story of Nick and Terysa onboard Ruby Rose.

The story of Nick and Terysa onboard Ruby Rose, the couple sailing around the world and about to take the leap across to Multihull sailing. 

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Meet Nick and Terysa!

With their flat rented out, belongings sold Nick and Terysa moved onboard their yacht and began the preparation, after a few ‘shake-down’ cruises the couple set off on their sailing adventure in May 2015, right on schedule.

In June 2016, while the yacht was on the hard in Antigua, they hatched the idea of starting a YouTube channel and in January 2017 it, all began. Now with more than 120,000 subscribers the couple have become a great source of inspiration to many cruising sailors around the world and their journey is only just beginning with Ruby Rose 2 on the horizon.

A collaboration between Ruby Rose and Seawind Catamarans, Nick and Terysa will soon be taking ownership of a Seawind 1370, a cruising catamaran.

As a cruising sailor your requirements are different to those of racers, the specifics are equally important but they are different. Nick and Terysa give you an in depth analysis about what is important to them as they continue on their journey, including their choice of Doyle Sails.

Performance Multihulls continue to gain momentum, and with more performance comes better handling and style. At Doyle Sails, performance, handling and style is our forte, delivered through a global network of sailing experts.

For those looking to gain more from their sailing experience, Doyle Sails has become the sailmaker of choice to many performance multihull’s around the world. A partnership with Doyle Sails offers style, stamina and performance, something that many Corsair, Seawind, Rapido, HH and Gunboat sailors have chosen to upgrade to and take advantage of.

Intense loads on these unique sails require significant attention to sailcloth selection, construction technique, hardware attachments, mainsail handling and sail design. Doyle Multihull sails set the standard for long-term quality, durability and performance, making Doyle the choice for multihulls around the world.

By sailors, for sailors.

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