Will Alloway is taking the 5.5m class to a new level with Doyle Sails

Northern Italy in the spring, and in particular Lake Garda, is famous for attracting sailors from all over the world to sail in Italy’s largest lake where the breeze is steady, and the climate is mild. This spring, it has provided picturesque training grounds for Doyle Sails Solent expert and high-performance sailor Will Alloway and his 5.5m crew. This team have been developing and testing their new Doyle Sails inventory heading into his third season with the class. Will’s first two season’s returned stellar results with a podium finish in both the 5.5m World Championships and Alpen Cup with Flavio Marrazi.

The 5.5m class sees constant development thanks to advancing rules and regulations and high-performance sailors working with state of the art boats. At the same time, the class formula has allowed a wide range of boat ages to compete effectively together through international regattas. With unique upwind capabilities and oversize spinnakers, it’s easy to see why so many sailors are attracted to the class, which now boasts more than 800 yachts worldwide.

While 5.5m sailing, the Doyle Sails Solent loft and local IRC racing on the Solent is where Will’s focus has landed in recent times; his most recent sailing CV is nothing short of impressive.Until 2017, Will’s Maritime Law and Mandarin studies at Plymouth University were being balanced impeccably with a 49er Olympic Campaign before joining Land Rover BAR Academy GC32 Youth AC Campaign, which meant Will spent the majority of 2018 sailing in The Extreme Sailing Series. During the 2019 season, Will skippered the INEOS Rebels GC32 team in the final season with Leigh McMillan on the ESS. Will continues to sail with the Swiss GC32 team BLACK STAR alongside their 69F circuit in Europe.

When not racing foiling yachts or Multihulls, Will can be found onboard the Swiss Club Swan 50.

ABOUT DOYLE SAILS SOLENT // World-class sailors join the ranks at Doyle Sails Solent. Doyle Sails Solent is no stranger to legendary sailors joining their team and 2020 shows no sign of slowing down with Will Alloway and Nicholas ‘Nin’ O’Leary strengthening the UK based team. People are at the core of what makes Doyle Sails tick, and while Doyle Sails has had a well-recognised presence in the UK since 1997, this team are committed to offering their experience and passion to make sailing both more enjoyable and successful for all sailors like never before. The obsession to make each individual sail the best it possibly can be is here in full force, and offers Doyle Sails the advantage. LEARN MORE HERE.

ABOUT DOYLE SAILS // As sailors, our obsession with sailing connects us to the water. The water is our playground, a sanctuary where we seek enjoyment, a competitive playing field where we race as comrades; it’s sometimes our home, and always a place that unlocks our sense of adventure wherever that adventure might take us.

Our obsession with sailing takes us to every corner of the world and on board every yacht. We become part of teams, share in the adventures of friends and families, sharing our knowledge and experience with those who have the same passion for sailing as we do. Sailing is in our DNA, where the water unlocks our sense of adventure. We are the custodians of a legacy that has been supporting sailors for close to four decades and while our world changes around us, our commitment to sailors who seek the same enjoyment and adventure as we do, hasn’t.

From our sailors to yours. We are your experts in sailing. Your adventure starts with Doyle. By sailors, for sailors. LEARN MORE HERE.

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