Win(d) over Cancer – More Kids on Sailboats

Last summer the world was closed, but the waters were open. The More Kids on Sailboats crew took the opportunity to make a difference – MKOS presents the new short film – WIN(D) OVER CANCER.

“You don’t want to compare something you love to something you hate. You learn on a boat that goals change, unexpected things happen and you need to have a change of plans. Same thing with cancer.”

Follow this crew of kids as they compete in an offshore sailboat race to raise awareness & money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. A race against all adults, professionals, and mother nature herself.

ABOUT MORE KIDS ON SAILBOATS // More Kids on Sailboats is a non profit, 501(C)(3) organisation. Based in The Great Lakes, USA, who’s mission is to get more kids on keelboats and allow them the opportunity to be part of a team and learn valuable life and leadership skills.

We Focus on Four Core Programs that focus problem solving, the ability to think critically, and grit! Learn more or donate here: https://morekidsonsailboats.org/

ABOUT DOYLE SAILS CLEVELAND // Doyle Sails Cleveland and Great Lakes Rigging & Supply owner Jon Duer has established an excellent reputation for unsurpassed customer service in and around the Great Lakes Region.

Jon has 20 years of sail making experience, has attended Harken University, and is certified in hand splicing and knows all the ins and outs of proper deck hardware layout and installation. Jon uses his diverse and comprehensive knowledge of both sails and rigging to solve each customer’s distinct needs.

Jon grew up sailing on his family’s Ericson 35 and has raced everything from dinghies to large offshore boats, which fuelled his lifetime passion for sailing. Aside from local sailing, he has competed in Key West and Charleston Race Weeks and many of the NOOD and MAC regattas. Unlike many sailmakers and riggers, Jon has extensive cruising experience in addition to his impressive racing resume. Jon understands what both cruisers and racers are looking for and is anxious to help maximize his customers’ sailing enjoyment.

Jon’s local service and strong sail making background, teamed with the international resources of Doyle Sails, is a tough combination to beat. Learn more here.

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