2019/2020 Suncoast Boat of the Year results

The West Florida Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (WFPHRF) 2019 / 2020 Suncoast Boat of the Year (BOTY) series wrapped last month with two events being scrubbed due to Covid -19.

The final big event of the season for local Tampa Bay sails was the Davis Island Yacht Club’s Not Ft. Myers Race on 23 May, with Doyle powered boats finishing strong in most divisions.

The friendly series of local regattas, run by WFPHRF, aims to encourage friendly competition on Tampa Bay & the West Coast of Florida with the following boats all being supported by local expert Josh Wilus, from Doyle Sails Gulf Coast. 


Spinnaker A Division

Wasabi a Farr 395 SD owned by Eric Lopez is the back to back winner of the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 BOTY Series. Wasabi was sporting a Doyle Stratis Main and J 1.5 built for the second half of the 18/19 series to boost their performance that season, complemented later in 2019 with a new Airx A2.

Wasabi: 2019 /2020 BOTY Series winner

Spinnaker B Division

WFPHRF Spinnaker B Division 2nd place – Fire & Ice owned By George Cussins, took out B Division’s 2nd placing. This stunning J105 sports a Doyle Tri-Radial Aramid 155% and new 110 sqm Airex A2 in her inventory.

WFPHRF Spinnaker B Division 4th place – Rocket, a J35 owned by Tarry Grimsdale / Dale Nelson. Their Doyle Sails inventory consists of GPL Carbon Fiber Upwind Sails and Airex S2 & A3 Spinnakers.

Fire Ice
Fire & Ice – WFPHRF Spinnaker B Division 2nd place
Rocket J35 TRT
Rocket – WFPHRF Spinnaker B Division 4th place

Racer Cruiser Division

1st place – Joe Toth with Abeona, a Morgan N/M 36-5 with a full Doyle Sails inventory of Radial Carbon Fiber and partial Doyle Spinnaker inventory.

3rd place – David German with Sacred Cow, a Beneteau 473, with a Tri-Radial Dimension Pro-Radial Dacron Main, Tri-Radial GPL Carbon 155% Genoa.

4th place – Ron Kinney/ Holanda Manzano with Mi Sueno, a Morgan N/M 44 with Doyle Cross Cut Dacron Main, new Pro-Radial Dacron RF Genoa and A2.

5th place – Gail Heausler and Liquid Time, a Beneteau 40, sporting all new Tri-Radial Dimension Polyant Pro-Radial Dacron Upwind Sails, and an A2.

Tampa to Not. Ft. Myers – 23 May

The Davis Island Yacht Club Tampa to Not Ft. Myers race was the last major event of the Tampa Bay Racing Season. This year because of Covid-19, this historic race was shortened to ~50nm event taking the fleet to Longboat Pass and returning to the middle of Tampa Bay. In addition to her BOTY win, Fire & Ice won Division B, with Liquid Time and Mi Sueno placing 1st and 3rd respectively in the Racer Cruiser Division.

To ensure your sails are race ready for next racing season, contact your local loft.

West Florida Yacht Racing Association link for the 2020-2021 Suncoast BOTY Series Schedule

Abeona – 1st Place 19/20 BOTY Racer/Cruiser
Sacred Cow2
Sacred Cow – 3rd Place 19/20 BOTY Racer Cruiser
Mi Sueno
Mi Sueno – 4th Place 19/20 BOTY Racer Cruiser (3rd Place Not Fort Myers Race)
Liquid Time
Liquid Time – 5th Place 19/20 BOTY Racer Cruiser (1st Place Not Fort Myers Race)
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