Dario Motta joins Doyle Sails Italy

Dario Motta, world class designer and naval engineer joins the Doyle Sails team. 

The value of a company depends on the quality of people within it, and the sailmakers are certainly a big part of this value. When choosing a new sail supplier, the owner or the captain often chooses on the basis of the most important parameters, such as the materials and technologies offered, the quality of the international network, the brand value, and price. However, Doyle Sails believes that the real difference is made by the people, with their individual and specific skills, with their sensitivity in understanding the “needs of the boat” to produce a high-quality sail that is fits the requirements of the owner perfectly.

Doyle Sails Italy boasts a very dynamic team, investing in state-of-the-art technology and the development of new technical skills – also having the right people to transfer the Doyle Sails technology to the customer, available thanks to the international network to which it belongs.

Doyle Sails Italy has recently appointed Dario Motta, who joins the already extensive design team in Palermo as a Sail Designer. Dario’s skills not only strengthen the Doyle Sails Italy team but also the international network of Doyle Sails designers who he will work collaboratively with on a number of upcoming projects.

Dario has an extensive sailing background, primarily as a sports boat sailor, not only certifying himself with his experience as a sailor but as a designer that has worked around the globe to offer a comprehensive approach, which is a benefit to the client.

After completing a degree in Naval Engineering in Genoa, Italy, Dario began to travel the world sailing, eventually settling in New Zealand where he worked with the University of Auckland’s Yacht Research Unit which was built to study the aerodynamics of real sails in the prestigious wind tunnel – he also gained his PHD while there. Dario’s role was specific to the aerodynamics of real sails, to compare them with the numerical results and validate them, the dynamic loads fluctuate much more than those simulated.

Returning to his home, after working in New Zealand as a Sail Designer, Dario has an appreciation for the culture, design and strong drive to be innovative. Qualities that are at the core of the Doyle Sails network.

For Dario, the draw to Doyle Sails was being part of an international network, which involves the sharing of knowledge and experience at the highest level, an opportunity to work on some of the world’s largest and challenging projects and to deliver the best results to the client.

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