Smart choice; As Doyle Sails snap up (yet) another goodie.

For four years Brad Marsh arguably had one of the most stressful jobs in international sailing. As Technical Director for the SailGP circuit, he was responsible for the logistics of moving the event infrastructure from venue to venue around the world against immutable deadlines, setting up the onshore facilities and then overseeing the technical crews …

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Brad Marsh joins Doyle Sails

Brad Marsh is named as Chief Technology Officer, the latest powerhouse acquisition by Doyle Sails. Brad will lead the global design and project management teams, including research and product development; he will also be a solid addition to the Doyle Sails senior leadership team. Doyle Sails International’s CEO, Mike Sanderson, has known Brad for several …

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Old head, young shoulders

by Ivor Wilkins for Seahorse Magazine, March 2023 There is no let up in the queue of top international sailing talent lining up to join the literally ‘fizzing’ performance team at Doyle Sails… America’s Cup, SailGP and Volvo veteran Kyle Langford is just the latest A brief exchange during a training session aboard the supermaxi Commanche ahead …

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The human factor

It is no longer enough for an ambitious sailmaker to fil its ranks with famous names – to rule the world these days they have to be current stars of the sport. Something Doyle Sails ‘recruiters’ are very aware of…

Creative intuition

The skills required of today’s finest sailmakers must now extend far beyond ‘just’ delivering the fastest and most durable product… While modern sailmaking is a product of highly sophisticated, computer-assisted science, it has long been acknowledged that part of the magic still resides with the sailmaker’s intuitive understanding of how to use those tools to …

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Doyle Sails and Fabrica Workshop join forces in a high-performance partnership.

Doyle Sails is synonymous with high-performance Grand Prix campaigns and Superyachts, remaining at the forefront of innovation, design and technology, continually redefining sailing as we know it and today announced that they are joining forces with Spanish cable and rigging specialists Fabrica Workshop. Throughout the partnership, engineers and rigging specialists from Doyle Sails and Fabrica …

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