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Pathways to Success : For young sailors, combining their passion for being on the water with a role within the industry is a dream come true and for the Doyle Sails UKs new recruit Chris Taylor, his new title as Junior Designer is just that. 

The role allows Chris to join the world renowned Doyle Sails global design team, where the opportunity is presented to sit alongside some of the most legendary designers in the industry including Jordi Calafat and Richard Bouzaid. 

Chris Taylor is a talented sailor from the UK, he honed his skills with the British Sailing Team, steadily moving up the ranks until he became the helm of a 49er on the Olympic pathway. Recently, he has decided to step down from this position, but his passion for sailing remains as strong as ever.

In addition to his sailing accomplishments, Chris is also an accomplished academic. In 2015, he graduated from the University of Plymouth with First Class honours for his Bachelor of Engineering in Marine Technology. This degree undoubtedly gives him a unique perspective on the sport of sailing, and a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the vessels he sails.

Taylor’s move to LandRover BAR as part of their Youth Americas Cup campaign in 2016 proved to be a game-changer for him. Racing as the helm for the team on the Extreme Sailing Series, the experience not only increased his practical knowledge but also his industry understanding tenfold. Under his leadership, the team delivered an outstanding performance and emerged victorious as the 2017 Red Bull Youth Americas Cup Winner in Bermuda. Chris then continued in the Extreme Sailing Series helming for Team Mexico and then Red Bull Extreme Sailing. 

Joining Doyle Sails in mid 2021, Chris is now working alongside the team in the UK sailing on board and supporting the design of sails for the Cape31 fleet. Chris brings a wealth of on the water experience as tactician of the Cape31 National Championships winning team, as well as having raced in multiple other UK and International classes. 

The 2023 Rolex Middle Sea Race was Taylor’s first real taste of offshore sailing, sailing with Conor Doyle on board his Irish flagged XP50 “Freya”, with his fiancé Emily Nagel, who was the navigator on board. The team experiencing everything from windy upwind on the first night to multiple shutdowns, and erupting volcanoes.

The Doyle Sails global design team is an exceptional group of experts, part of projects ranging from superyachts to Grand Prix race teams, and even highly technical one design classes like the Moth. Our team collaborates closely to develop well-rounded design skill sets that are applied to all Doyle sails. 

This approach allows us to deliver high-quality sails that are not only innovative but also reliable and durable. Our team’s expertise and dedication to excellence are second to none, and all take great pride in their work. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a beginner, we are committed to providing you with the best possible sailing experience through our superior sail designs. 

ABOUT DOYLE SAILS //  Doyle Sails strives to deliver success through high-performance, high-quality, custom sails that continue to redefine the boundaries of sailmaking technology and innovation; whilst connecting sailors to inspire, support and encourage sailing.

Our obsession with sailing takes us to every corner of the world and onboard every yacht. We become part of teams, share in the adventures of friends and families, sharing our knowledge and experience with those with the same passion. Sailing is in our DNA, and we are the custodians of a legacy that has been supporting sailors for four decades and counting.

By sailors, for sailors.

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