Doyle onboard YC/Tripp90 ‘Prevail’

The stunning new YC/Tripp90 PREVAIL from YYachts has launched with a full inventory of Doyle Stratis sails onboard. The fundamental goal of YYachts was to design and deliver a yacht that was easy to sail, requiring fewer crew of a yacht of similar size and to bring family and friends together. The design had to facilitate worldwide cruising while also performing well on the regatta circuit in both the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

The YC/Tripp90 is a collaboration between naval architect Bill Tripp and YYachts. Doyle Sails worked closely with the project team from concept to completion, with the expert team at Doyle Sails Newport and world renowned designers, an integral part of the entire the project.


The early inclusion of sailmakers and Doyle designers ensured that the Tripp 90 could be a collaboration between sailmakers, spar makers, builders and naval architect – in this case, allowing the yacht to take full advantage of the exclusive Doyle Sails Structured Luff technology. The YC/Tripp90 is specifically designed as a performance oriented yacht, built from Carbon, so the inclusion of lighter, faster sails made perfect sense.

Doyle Sails pioneered the Structured Luff technology, changed the game and continues to lead the fleet of sailmakers trying to achieve the same result. With many years of innovation and development in the bank, Doyle Sails continues to design and deliver sails with better performance, speed and handling efficiencies. Significantly less luff sag and reduced loads, creates more driving force from greater projection.

The YC/Tripp90 has an inventory built from Doyle Sails’ exclusive range of Stratis 1100 by Doyle Sails Newport – this range provides unmatched performance due to the combination of Carbon and Technora fibres. Stratis 1100 pairs patented resins selected for their long term durability and resistance to stretch with the high-performance fibres.

The continuing growth of the modern Superyacht market worldwide demands a product line dedicated to meet the needs and characteristics of these yachts – Doyle Sails delivers a line of high-tech sails providing long-lasting solutions that perform under the high loads generated from these yachts. What makes Doyle Sails stand out from the rest? Every Superyacht sail includes a percentage of carbon – something no other sailmaker does.

The inclusion of Carbon yarns in sails isn’t new, but a common misunderstanding is that carbon can only be used in high-performance racing sails. However, this is one of the easiest untruths to dispel, especially in the world of Superyachts. Alongside the outstanding Doyle Design team, the use of carbon has ensured that Doyle Sails is now the sailmaker of choice to the world’s most spectacular Superyachts. The result is ultimately the lightest and most durable sails on the market, Superyacht sails that contain carbon will also be smoother and stronger for longer.

Designed to be sailed comfortably with a small crew of 3 persons and able to cruise with friends and family or race in regattas – with equal success. The lifting keel and twin rudders make the Y9 the perfect option for shallow anchorages.

ABOUT DOYLE SAILS // For close to four decades, Doyle Sails has supported sailors, committing to deliver custom sail solutions to those that seek the same enjoyment, performance and adventure as we do.

Doyle Sails is home to the best sailors and sailmakers in the world. In every sailing hub, you will find your local Doyle Sails loft nearby, where the quality, performance and customer service that you have come to expect from Doyle Sails can be found. Learn more here.

ABOUT YYACHTS// YYachts manufactures both semi-custom as Y7, Y8, Y9 and custom yachts specializing up to 35 meters in length. Such custom projects often begin with merely a blank sheet of paper and ideas, eventually transforming into a dream yacht completely tailored to its owner. YYachts has developed an entire custom division of the company specialized in the design and production of unique customized luxury sailing yachts. Our team of specialists with many years of experience develops fully customized yachts according to the owner’s dreams and wishes. YYachts hulls and superstructures are exclusively in carbon fiber, and we are specialized in up to 35 meters in length, customized and individual sailing yachts made of carbon built in Germany. Learn more here.

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