Doyle Boston Sails is a 3rd generation sail making company. Howard Boston started making sails right out of high school in 1927, eventually opening his first loft in 1938 in Mt. Clemens, MI.

In 1968 the family expanded their company and a second loft was opened in Point Edward, Ontario under Spike Boston, Howards second son, specializing in one design and ice-boat sails.

In 1987 with growth and development in the industry toward more technological advancements, Boston sails joined forces with Doyle Sailmakers out of Marblehead MA. making Doyle Boston Sailmakers the oldest expansion loft.

While Spike introduced his two sons Tac and Brad at an early age to a lot of family-oriented boats, the two of them have been able to branch out into sailing at the higher end of racing fleets such as Viper 640, Vx, T10 Great Lakes fleet, Kerr43, TP52 and Custom 30’s, while still sailing the important Great Lakes fleets of U20, Shark, S2 7.9, J70 as well as continuously racing the Mackinac Races and SORC.

Even though Tac and Brad are into racing, the loft still really focusses production of the day sailor and cruising boats in providing sails with longevity and performance. These boats make up over 60% of what the loft does, so the focus is on supplying everyone with the best quality sails possible.

After 54 years they all take pride in producing quality sails out of the loft in Point Edward, Ontario, Canada.


A proud member of the Doyle Sails Group since 1987 Doyle Boston-Ontario Sails has a full sales, service and production loft in Sarnia Ontario and specializes in racing and cruising sails. With over 7600 square feet, our state-of-the-art production facility accommodates sails for most boats and is a full service loft.


ADDRESS: 120 Michigan Avenue, Point Edward, Ontario, Canada N7V 1E6

TELEPHONE: +1 519-344-5236

EMAIL: Send us a message



Spike Boston
Owner & Designer
1 519 344 5236


Jason Tobias
Production & Service
1 519 344 5236


Tac Boston
Sales Consultant & Finishing
1 519 344 5236


Brad Boston
Sales Consultant & Production
1 519 344 5236


Lynz Jackson
Office Administration
1 519 344 5236



While continuing to have great results in the S2 7.9, Ultimate 20 and Viper Classes we are excited to be starting to work in the VX One Design class and also working with the Sprint team on John’s new Molino/Nivelt 31 Sport boat. Sprint 7 should hit the water later this summer for sea trials here in Sarnia. Sprint 7 will feature new Delta membrane upwind sails, a Cabless Code Zero and SuperKote Spinnakers. We are also in the process of building more sails for Mark Bremer’s C&C 30 OD City Girl. Tac is heavily involved in both Sprint and City Girl. Brad is an integral part of the J-70 Hooligan Racing team and the La Tormenta Ethcells teams.

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