Pac52 Callisto wins Pineapple Cup

Jim and Kate Murray’s Callisto have won this years Pineapple Cup – the Biannual race from Florida to Jamaica. Finishing the race crew were welcomed to the dock by fellow sailors and an excited team of well wishers.

The Doyle-powered Pac52 enjoyed champagne sailing conditions, Doyle Sails expert Justin Ferris sailed with the crew. “Near perfect sailing conditions, warm water and a near perfect training run for Callisto for the lead up to the Caribbean 600 Race. We were treated to exceptional downwind sailing conditions from Windward passage to the finish line, 16-25knots of wind and big waves as we neared the finish, just brilliant sailing. This year’s Pineapple cup race has to be one of the most enjoyable races I’ve done in years and we really need to take our hats off to the race organisers and Sponsors for sticking it out as the fleet numbers dropped.  

Callisto sailing team has come a long way in the last few months having won 3 races in a row and taking our mostly non-pro team from strength to strength and having far too much fun in the process. Jim and Kate Murray set a goal to keep the team based around sailing buddies and keeping it fun, No better way to have fun than winning races with a great bunch. ” Said Ferris

One of the oldest offshore races on the calendar, The Pineapple Cup – Montego Bay Race started in 1961. The 811 nautical mile race. starts in Miami and racers cross the Gulf Stream for the Northwest Providence Channel. The middle of the race offers a fetch down the eastern side of the Bahamas Island Chain toward the tip of Cuba. The final stretch is typically a sailor’s dream:  a 240-mile downwind sleigh ride from Cuba’s eastern tip, known as the Windward Passage, to the finish at Montego Bay.

“The race was everything it promises EPIC downwind sailing” Jim said once back ashore.

Race organisers asked Jim what his favourite part to the race was : “There was a gorgeous crescent coming into Montego Bay and we had these large waves from the stern and it was gusting 24 knots and we just were absolutely hauling the mail downwind and the whole crew was actually pretty silent. We all knew we were in good position to come in here and win the Pineapple Cup, so I think the excitement was mounting but at the same time it was everyone just doing their jobs and after three days on the water that’s why you do this, because everyone just loves being part of the team.”

Callisto go onto the RORC Caribbean 600 which starts in 3 weeks, follow their team on Facebook here

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