Rolex Sydney to Hobart, full Doyle Sails results.

A colourful sea of spinnakers showcased a captivating procession out of Sydney Heads for the start of the 2022 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race on Boxing Day. 109 boats started the 77th edition of the race in 10-15 knots of breeze under the glorious sun and blue skies, belying the thick fog that blanketed Sydney at dawn.

In this year’s race, Doyle Sails was proud to support more than forty entries as they vied for victory throughout all divisions. Backed by many Doyle Sails lofts both in Australia and worldwide, it is a true testament to the outstanding performance and service delivered throughout the Doyle Sails network.  

Congratulations to all yachts and crews that took part in this year’s iconic race, particularly those powered by Doyle Sails (highlighted in bold).

Line Honours

  1. Andoo Comanche
  2. LawConnect
  3. Black Jack

IRC Overall

  1. Celestial
  2. Gweilo
  3. Caro


  1. Moneypenny
  2. Alive
  3. URM Group


  1. Celestial
  2. Gweilo
  3. Caro


  1. Enterprise Next Generation
  2. Alegria Republic
  3. Chutzpah


  1. Sunrise
  2. Pacman
  3. South Brittany


  1. Midnight Rambler
  2. Mistral
  3. Ariel


  1. Maluka
  2. White Bay 6 Azzuro
  3. Crux

ORC Overall

  1. Celestial
  2. Gweilo
  3. Quest


  1. Celestial
  2. Gweilo
  3. Quest


  1. Alegria Republic
  2. Chutzpah
  3. Khaleesi


  1. Sunrise
  2. Ariel
  3. Mistral


  1. Crux
  2. White Bay 6 Azzuro
  3. Sun Fast Racing


  1. Cyan Moon
  2. Mako
  3. Allegro

Corinthian IRC

  1. Midnight Rambler
  2. Pretty Woman
  3. Mistral

Corinthian PHS

  1. Pretty Woman
  2. Midnight Rambler
  3. Cinquante

2 Handed IRC

  1. Mistral
  2. Sun Fast Racing
  3. Pacman

2 Handed ORC

  1. Mistral
  2. Crux
  3. Sun Fast Racing

For full results, please visit the Rolex Sydney Hobart website here.

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