Stark Raving Mad IX, podium finishes powered by Doyle

Jim Madden, a sailing and downhill skiing enthusiast from New York, USA, has been racing his “Stark Raving Mad” series of yachts worldwide since 2000.

Jim began sailing at an early age, seeing him progress through Blue Jays, Lasers, a C&C 30 and a Ranger 33, all on Oyster Bay, New York. From there, Jim’s passion for sailing and adventure hasn’t slowed – with the Stark Raving Mad fleet of yachts including a J160, a J145, a RP 66, a J125, a TP52, a Swan 42, and a Swan 601, where Jim and his crew won many national and international major yachting regattas.

Jim now spends most of his time racing on the West Coast of the United States aboard his Swan 601, while the latest addition to the fleet is Stark Raving Mad IX, a Carkeek 47, which is based out of Newport, Rhode Island. The Stark Raving Mad XI is designed to the HPR and IRC rules and proven to be fast. The third hull in the series was built in 2013 before being modified and added to the Stark Raving Mad campaign in April 2021. The modification included an upgraded Doyle Sails inventory.

Carkeek 47 ‘Stark Raving Mad IV’ // Photo Credit: Paul Todd, Outside Images

The yacht has seen success straight out of the blocks, delivering impressive results during the 2021 ORC East Coast Championships, hosted by the Newport Yacht Club earlier this month, against a stellar fleet of yachts. Stark Raving Mad XI finished 2nd overall behind the Maxi 72, Vesper. The boat also secured 1st overall and 1st in their division at the Newport Cup (Around the Island Race).

Supported by Doyle experts Tony Rey and David Armitage from Doyle Sails Newport, the 2021 inventory includes a Doyle Stratis Mainsail, J1, J2 and a J3+, alongside a range of Doyle Cableless sails, including two code sails and a spinnaker staysail.

Carkeek 47 ‘Stark Raving Mad IV’ // Photo Credit: Paul Todd, Outside Images

Doyle Stratis Cableless sails are the pillar of the Doyle Sails revolutionary technology and have been for several years. Every Stratis sail is 100% custom and structurally engineered for each yachts specific requirements, and Cableless sails are no different. Cableless and Structured Luff sails are respected within the industry as the epitome of high performance, lightweight, reliable sail, leaving competitors struggling to catch up.

Cableless technology sees an uninterrupted lens of unidirectional fibres designed in the sail’s luff to take the load from the tack to the head. The secret behind the concept is that the load is taken along the sails natural load path instead of requiring many tons of cable tension to try and keep the luff tight. In the Cableless Code Zero’s case, the luff is pushed to windward, creating a straight luff for a fraction of the load. With a luff that projects to windward, more driving force is created, delivering more speed.

Carkeek 47 ‘Stark Raving Mad IV’ // Photo Credit: Paul Todd, Outside Images

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