SUNFAST 3300: Upgrading to State of the Art sails

Marinus van Onselen decided early on that when his state of the art Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300 2UP arrived into Melbourne, upgrading his sail package to state of the art sails was necessary. Seeing no point in having one without the other.

Drawn to shorthanded sailing through his interest in the French fleet of single and double-handed sailors and after many years of owning yachts that required a full crew, he decided that now was the time to entrench himself into shorthanded sailing.

After a full analysis of a number of yachts optimised for shorthanded sailing – the Jeanneau Sunfast 3300 was selected for being a third-generation design as well as a yacht that rates very competitively on IRC. Marinus’ goal is to sail competitively and the yacht is starting to show it’s pace, with Marinus commenting ‘we’re as quick as well sailed 36 footers, doing 7.2 knots upwind at 35 degrees apparent in 11 knots of breeze’.


Doyle Sails Stratis Technology

Initially, as we all work through a global pandemic, Marinus will sail the boat locally with local club racers and friends as his crew, with the longer offshore racing potentially requiring more of an experienced sailor, Marinus mentioned that local Melbourne expert ‘Blake Anderson will be coming along on some of those ones’.

With only two sets of hands on board, sail design, quality and handling has never been more important and Marinus was quick to share his thoughts on why he chose to work with Doyle Sails:

“I’ve bought a state of the art boat and electronics package, so having sails that were equally as state of the art was always important. I follow the Alex Thomson Racing and HUGO BOSS campaign closely and the development that Doyle Sails has shown by pushing boundaries gives Doyle an undeniable reputation as the best. Alongside the local Doyle Sails team of Blake and Col Anderson providing excellent personal contact and service, and impeccable sails straight out of the bag, I’ve never had to recut one’.

The 2UP inventory has taken full advantage of the Doyle Sails Stratis technology while also taking every gain from innovative applications of recent times including Cableless sails.

Alongside 2UP, Doyle Sails Melbourne also proudly supplies Sunfast 3300 Ragnor.


Doyle Sails are global leaders in high performance sails, with a reputation for being proven innovators with new sail technology. Innovation around new and existing sailing technologies has always been at the core of the Doyle Sails operation. Learn more about our technology today.

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