Sydney to Hobart | The great race South

The excitement builds as we etch towards the return of the Rolex Sydney to Hobart race this year after the Boxing Day stalwart was cancelled in 2020 with only one week to go. Those looking to take part in the great race south are in full swing.

Undoubtedly, crews, boat captains, owners, volunteers, race committees, and the organizing clubs have been meticulous in their planning efforts for this year’s race south, with the health and safety of all those involved at the forefront of operations. 

The world-renowned Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race is a pinnacle event for any offshore sailor – open to anyone who owns a yacht and meets all Category 1 safety requirements. With no limitations on who can enter the race, the famous event draws sailors and yachts not only from all over Australia but from all over the world – several of which are proudly powered by Doyle Sails. 

With an increasing number of yachts finding their way to the top of podiums with Doyle Sails, it is no surprise that there will be more Doyle powered yachts than ever on the start line of this year’s event than ever before. A testament to the passionate and innovative design team, the skill of our sailmakers and the partnerships we share with our customers to deliver more performance. 

In the coming days, we will be highlighting Doyle powered yachts from smaller 39-foot race yachts through to the 100ft Supermaxis – all complete adopters of the exclusive Doyle Sails Structured Luff and Stratis technology. 

From the team at Doyle Sails, we wish the entire fleet the best on this year’s Rolex Sydney to Hobart. 

Doyle powered yachts:

  • Alive                            RP66

Carrera S                     Marten 49

Chutzpah                     Caprice 40

Enigma                        Beneteau First 47.7

Ichi Ban                       Botin 52

Joker on Touer            Elliott 1250 Tourer

Khaleesi                       DK46

LawConnect                Juan K 100

Maverick 49                Infiniti 46r

Mayfair                       Rogers 46

MoneyPenny              RP69

Oroton Drumfire         Hoek TC78

Patrice Six                   X-41

Patriot                         J133

Popeye                        Beneteau First 47.7

Protagonist                 Beneteau First 40

Ragtime                       J130

Smuggler                     TP52

Solveig                         Halvorsen 36

Supernova                   Sydney 36

Wax Lyrical                  X50

White Bat 6 Azzurro   S&S34

White Noise                MAT 1245

Wild Oats                    Farr 43

Willow                         Volvo 70

Zen                              TP52

ABOUT THE SYDNEY TO HOBART // From the spectacular start in Sydney Harbour, the fleet sails out into the Tasman Sea, down the south-east coast of mainland Australia, across Bass Strait (which divides the mainland from the island State of Tasmania), then down the east coast of Tasmania. At Tasman Island, the fleet turns right into Storm Bay for the final sail up the Derwent River to the historic port city of Hobart. 

ABOUT DOYLE SAILS // For close to four decades Doyle Sails has supported sailors, and while the world continues to change, our commitment to sailors who seek the same enjoyment, performance and adventure as we do, hasn’t.

Doyle Sails is home to the best sailors and sailmakers in the world. In every sailing hub, you will find your local Doyle Sails loft nearby, where the quality, performance and customer service that you have come to expect from Doyle Sails can be found.

From dinghies, club racers and cruising yachts, to Grand Prix campaigns and Superyachts, we are your sailing experts.

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