Tammo Baldszun – Countryside upbringing didn’t stop his ocean based career.

“He drew sails before he could write” is what Tammo Baldszun’s mother loves to tell when asked about her sons’ unique choice of work.

In any case, growing up in the southern German countryside far away from any ocean, none could expect that Tammo would become a Master Sailmaker, building sails for Volvo Ocean Races, America’s Cup or the TP52s.

Yet he did and, learning and working for many years with one of the world’s leading sailmaker companies North Sails, Tammo is now one of Germanys top sailmakers, working freelance in Bremen and being an integral part of Doyle Sails in Germany.

“The ocean seems to run in my blood” Tammo smiles when asked about his drive to build sails. “Becoming a sail maker simply came naturally to me.”

Having crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice with Team OUTSIDER and regularly sailing the North Sea and Baltic Sea as well as the German lakes, Tammo’s passion for great sails is fuelled by his drive to be out on the water whenever he can.

Tammo is often found with his 10-year-old son near or in the water or paddling with his SUP on the weekends.

“I don’t always have to be first on the racecourse (although it can be a blast)” Tammo says. “I find much joy in the simple happiness of speed on a well build boat with fine sails that enable you to make the best of the wind and weather conditions. It’s this feeling you get when great handcraft meets the magnificent force of the ocean, and you can simply roll with it.”

Tammo racing in the Transatlantic Race 2017

Amongst his sailing achievements are racing the ORC-German Championships-inshore and offshore- but there also was always a passion for classic yachts, and he raced for many years on various Metre-Boats, whether it was the mighty 12mR Trivia, or the 8mR RAVEN and even the small 6mR.

A lover of great coffee and good books, with a passion for a sustainable way of life and is always up for a joke, would never change his path of career.

 “Even as a little kid I knew: The ocean is where I want to be. And here I am. Sailing, making sails and having the chance to work with great teams and interesting people. So, yes, I feel very lucky indeed.”

ABOUT DOYLE SAILS NORTHERN GERMANY // Doyle Sails is proud to announce a new partnership with Tammo Baldszun and Holger Lehning, two of Germany’s best sailmakers, in a new loft located in Northern Germany. From their picturesque headquarters, they will offer a complete Doyle Sails service for all yachts that cruise this stunning part of the world, delivering world-class quality, performance and customer service.

Tammo Baldszun and Holger Lehning are sailmaking experts with more than forty years of sailmaking experience between them, spending the majority of their careers as sailors and sailmakers to some of the most high profile Grand Prix and Superyacht campaigns.

Based in three locations – Kiel, Bremen and Hamburg, Tammo and Holger will now offer the high performance and innovative STRATIS membranes alongside the exclusive Cableless and Structured Luff technology that Doyle Sails is renowned for, to all German sailors. Learn more here.

Tammo Baldszun
+49 174 444 5288

Holger Lehning
+49 176 321 54661

ABOUT DOYLE SAILS // As sailors, our obsession with sailing connects us to the water. The water is our playground, a sanctuary where we seek enjoyment, a competitive playing field where we race; it’s sometimes our home and always a place that unlocks our sense of adventure wherever that adventure might take us.

Our obsession with sailing takes us to every corner of the world and onboard every yacht. We become part of teams, share in the adventures of friends and families, sharing our knowledge and experience with those who have the same passion for sailing as we do. Sailing is in our DNA, where the water unlocks our sense of adventure. We are the custodians of a legacy that has been supporting sailors for close to four decades, and while our world changes around us, our commitment to sailors who seek the same enjoyment and adventure as we do hasn’t.

From our sailors to yours, we are your experts in sailing. Your adventure starts with Doyle. By sailors, for sailors.

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