A-Yachts are setting the trend for the next generation of day sailing, designed and built-in Austria. Not only are these luxury yachts designed for cruising, they are fast enough to win local regatta’s thanks to excellent handling and exceptional design – the perfect solution for local or coastal waters.

The a27, a33, and a39 all of encompass a well thought out design in collaboration with high-performance partners for the running rigging and sail plan coupled with the clean lines of the carbon hull give these yachts a style and performance edge.

Doyle Sails Austria has partnered with A-Yachts to deliver world-class sails to the people choosing to elevate their sailing experience. Utilising the Doyle Sails premiere Stratis membrane to deliver high quality, performance-orientated sails that are lighter and easier to handle than any other alternative.

Doyle’s design department, which includes local Austrian designer Christian Hagar, applied a sophisticated and thorough approach to the design and engineering of these sails, making use of advanced design software to ensure they are built with optimal performance in mind. The team applies 3D modeling, together with aero and structural analysis to ensure that the sails are not only fit for purpose, but perform outstandingly, straight out of the bag.

Both A-Yachts and Doyle Sails Austria are located on the shores of Lake Wolfgansee, where the hills are alive with the sound of sailboats in Austria’s Salzkammergut resort region or “Lake District”, well known for world-class racing, cruising and scenery.

Doyle Sails Austria is owned and operated by the Raudaschl family and well known for the contribution to the incredible reputation and growth of the sailing region. Florian and Hubert Raudaschl and their team serve more than 30 lakes including the Atter, Traun, Mond, Wolfgangsee (Aber), and Hallstätter.

With over 50 years of experience in sailmaking, Doyle Austria is not only the leading sailmaker in Austria but serves as the main partner when it comes to fitting out whether it is sails, ropework, or rigging. A natural choice for a partner like A-Yachts.

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