Decades of Doyle Sails Tasmania

Nick Dineen and Brian Moroney from Doyle Sails Tasmania, began their sailmaking journey together as “Peter Johnston’s Sailmakers” in 1964. Based in Hobart, and with salt in the blood, the Tasmanian duo made the power move to join forces with Doyle Sails and offer local sailors the ultimate in sailmaking technology. 

The waterfront loft has been at the forefront of the sailing community for decades, and partnering with the Doyle Sails has allowed Dineen and Moroney access to strengthen their position, not only delivering the highest quality, Tasmanian sails but supporting local sailors to the highest level.

“The relationship with Doyle Sails International has been fantastic for the Doyle Tasmania clients, whilst the loft has always worked to produce the best product available having access to the best designers, membrane facility and R&D in the world has seen us put the best possible sails on our boats. The working relationship with designers and sailors like Justin Ferris, Stefano Nava and Andrew Lechte has kept our regional loft at the forefront of sailmaking in the region. Having the technology group utilises at the top end of world sailing fleets (e.g. Maxi 72, TP 52, Maxi 100 etc) at our fingertips and available to our clients is incredible” says Dineen

Comanche approaching Constitution Dock in Hobart.

Nick Dineen is a stalwart of the Tasmanian sailing community, and even more so in Hobart. His rapport built over many years of dedicated service and quality ensures he remains the leading loft in the region.

Doyle Tasmania have had clients with success across the range, from One Design national titles, club racing, offshore racing and local and global passages. Nick Dineen has been accredited to much of this success over the years with his understanding and passionate approach to ensuring customers are receiving the best sails fit for purpose. It is for this reason that Nick can be found integrated into many client programmes and has seen him compete at state, national and world championship levels. Highlights include winning at State and National level including the current IRC Australian Championship with the late Greg “Enzo” Prescott. Nick has also enjoyed competing in the Australian Offshore racing scene, including Sydney to Hobart and Launceston to Hobart races and the majority of the offshore races on the Australian eastern seaboard.

Recent projects we have really enjoyed are the “2 Unlimited” modified Farr 40 and Melges 40 team, a team we have been involved with for the last few years” “Recent projects we have really enjoyed are the “2 Unlimited” modified Farr 40 and Melges 40 team, a team we have been involved with for the last few years” comments Dineen  “ Another project we really enjoy is working with Toby Richardson’s Etchell program, the sails produced to date are showing really promising signs of being completive within this highly competitive fleet. The project has been in collaboration with Andrew Lechte and we have enjoyed having his one design expertise locally available.”

Over the decades Doyle Tasmania’s clients have had success in everything from one-design national titles, club pennants, offshore races, and local and global passage making. Doyle Tasmania looks forward to building relationships with new and existing clients and helping sailors of all forms to achieve their goals.

ABOUT DOYLE SAILS TASMANIA // Our loft is a full manufacturing facility ideally located in the iconic “Muirs Boatyard”, on the waterfront between the Sydney to Hobart finish line and two of Tasmania’s largest yacht clubs. Doyle Tasmania on-site services include sailmaking, marine cover, rigging, shade sails and chandlery. We are arguably the largest sailmaking operation in Tasmania and our staff include qualified sailmakers with up to 45 years of experience. We have a strong commitment to training new apprentices, ensuring the future of our company and sailmaking in Tasmania.

ABOUT DOYLE SAILS // As sailors, our obsession with sailing connects us to the water. The water is our playground, a sanctuary where we seek enjoyment, a competitive playing field where we race as competitors; it’s sometimes our home and always a place that unlocks our sense of adventure wherever that adventure might take us.
Behind every adventure is a Doyle sailor who shares this same obsession as you. We put your journey at the heart of what we do to deliver the ultimate enjoyment and performance, powering our constant need to push the boundaries in sail design and innovation and reimagine sailing.
We are your experts, from dinghies, club racers and cruising yachts to Grand Prix campaigns and Superyachts. Meet our team here.

THIS IS 40 // Doyle Sails is proud to be ahead of the fleet after 40 years of sailmaking, with the innovation in Structured Luff technology and Stratis developing continually. This year we are highlighting events, people and projects which have led us to the forefront of sailmaking throughout the world, telling stories to inspire the youth and bring memories of races gone by to our long-standing customers.

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