A cruising code sail can often be the missing link between a genoa and a gennaker for performance cruisers. Gain power in light air and performance in a wider range of angles, both reaching or running.

The cruising code sail is lightweight and easy to handle due to the light weight cable at the leading edge of the sail, providing greater efficiency to your cruising.


For cruisers who want every bit of extra performance, Doyle Sails has developed a specialized downwind code sail for easy handling. The cruising code sail is highly customized to each individual boat and highlights Doyle’s diverse innovative engineering capabilities and advanced construction techniques.

Extra sail area is always a plus in light air and being able to sail closer to the wind is an added bonus. The large roach for more efficient lift and greater power makes the sail more versatile across a wider range of Apparent Wind Angles.

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With the success seen across the board with STRATIS Cableless sails over the last few years in both the racing and cruising markets, it was important to Doyle Sails to offer the benefits of this same technology to sailors looking for a more cost-effective option to yachts under 15m (50ft in length).

Cruising Cableless Sails are available in Doyle Sails range of high-performance Cruise Laminate cloth options to suit your sailing requirements, before being paired with the 100% STRATIS Luff Band and fitted to your yacht.

The custom panel layout helps to emulate effects of what we see with a STRATIS Cableless sail with specifically designed yarn layouts. The STRATIS Luff Band attached to the leading edge houses the all-important load sharing technology to carry the load all the way from the tack to the head, dispersing this load back through the sail panels.

Using this technique we can ensure reliable furling, as well as allowing the luff to ‘fly’, while delivering a lighter, more affordable Code sail than is typically available. Our Doyle Sails experts will work through the options around Cruise Laminate cloth options, furling and hardware required to ensure you take all of the gains available with Cableless technology.

A great solution for Coastal Cruisers or Club Racers.



STRATIS Cableless Sails are the pillar of our revolutionary technology and have been for several years. Every single STRATIS sail is 100% custom and structurally engineered for your requirements. Our STRATIS Cableless sails are no exception – our dedicated design and project management team will work through your needs to ensure that your STRATIS Cableless sail is the perfect fit for your inventory.

Known in the industry as the epitome of a high performance, lightweight, reliable downwind sail that continually solidifies its position time and time again. The STRATIS Cableless sail has quickly become one of the most sought after sails on the market, delivering results with Cruiser/Racers right through to Superyachts.

The wider industry has accepted this technology as being the way of the future, with mast makers and naval architects not disputing the definitive advantages of a STRATIS Cableless sail. We’re proud to have race boat projects where masts are being designed in line with the reduced loads derived from our Cableless technology. Every Superyacht project Doyle Sails is involved with is now using this technology to some extent, with some new build projects exploring going all in and taking it to its full extent.

Both Doyle Sails and Infiniti Yachts share a similar passion for redefining boundaries and arguably responsible for two of the biggest breakthroughs in modern performance yachting. Seahorse Sailing Magazine looks at the Infiniti 52, the first modern race yacht that will be designed, engineered and built to take full advantage of the Doyle Sails Cableless Technology.

HH 50 in Maryland.
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