Performance Multihulls continue to gain momentum, and with more performance comes better handling and style. At Doyle Sails, performance, handling and style is our forte, delivered through a global network of sailing experts.

For those looking to gain more from their sailing experience, Doyle Sails has become the sailmaker of choice to many performance multihull’s around the world. A partnership with Doyle Sails offers style, stamina and performance, something that many Corsair, Seawind, HH and Gunboat sailors have chosen to upgrade to and take advantage of.

By sailors, for sailors.

As more people make the switch to multihull cruising, there is now a wide variety of boats to choose from for which Doyle Sails have developed the range below to suit the needs of the multihull cruising sailor, whether sailed in coastal waters or offshore.

Intense loads on these unique sails require significant attention to sailcloth selection, construction technique, hardware attachment, mainsail handling, and sail design. Doyle Multihull sails set the standard for long-term durability and performance, making Doyle the choice for the largest cruising catamaran charter companies in the world.


Doyle Sails offer the best available design technology, advice and manufacturing standards available in the sail making industry today. Your mainsail is fundamental to the performance of your yacht - our experts can ensure you get the perfect sail to suit your requirements.

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Doyle's headsails offer some subtle refinements to what has become the basic principle of modern sail engineering, the concept of aligning fabric thread line with sail loadings. Combined with the best of modern composite materials, this structure produces a sail which is exceptionally light, yet strong.

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A code sail can often be the missing link between a genoa and a gennaker for performance cruisers. Gain power in light air and performance in a wider range of angles, both reaching or running. The cruising code sail is lightweight and easy to handle due to the light weight cable at the leading edge of the sail, providing greater efficiency to your cruising.

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Covering the entire range from broad running to tight reaching, Doyle’s downwind sails allow you to realize the full downwind potential of your boat. Designed in a CFD environment for optimal efficiency, and coupled with testing in the real world, these sails maximize projected area, and utilize construction techniques that capture the cloth’s strengths and ensure stable flying shape.

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