Riley Whitelum & Elayna Carausu’s new yacht ‘La Vaga III’

Riley Whitelum & Elayna Carausu have been travelling the world by yacht for more than five years and have built a Sailing La Vagabonde fan base of close to 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube along the way! Their journey is not showing any signs of slowing, with the recent announcement of their current yacht La Vagabonde selling and their new vessel under construction.

“We’re. So. Excited. We’ve been exploding waiting to tell you the massive news now that it’s official: LA VAGA III has begun. It’s been a real labour of love to find our new home. It’s something that we’re really looking forward to and something we’re really confident we’re gonna love. We want to take you inside our new home, what it looks like…. hypothetically. Yes, we haven’t built it yet, so this is as big a journey as ever for us. It’s clean and green, it’s a super stable and fast trimaran that we’ve always dreamed of. As our family is getting bigger, these things have got that all-important storm-dodging speed and an insane level of stability. The guys at rapidotrimarans.com really know what they’re doing with these beautiful boats and we’re so glad to be with them” comment Riley and Elayna.

La Vaga III will be launching later in 2021 and will be showcasing a top of the line Doyle Sails inventory, sporting all of the latest technology and innovation. Doyle Sails specialise in making sails that are lighter, faster and more durable than anything else on the market, and it is a pleasure to be onboard with Riley, Elayna, Lenny & Darwin as they head into this exciting new chapter of their sailing journey!

Watch their announcement video here..

Read more about Doyle Sails and the Sailing La Vagabonde partnership here.

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