Stratis Extension and Pushing Boundaries

Doyle Sails International is excited to announce that after 12 months in development, the new extension to our state of the art Stratis facility in Auckland, New Zealand is now operational.

Doyle Sails New Zealand opened in 1999 with the Stratis facility launching in 2001, to serve a growing demand for high-performance sails that were lighter, faster and stronger. Designed, built and run by a team of sailors and sailmaking experts, and backed by a world-renowned design team and revolutionary technology, Stratis sails meet the unique needs of any yacht, from cruising yachts to Grand Prix campaigns and Superyachts.

The new floor is an exciting extension to the already advanced Auckland facility – it equates to the size of nine tennis courts, and adds 70% more capacity. This extension houses the state-of-the-art technology required to support the continuous development of the Stratis product, specifically the growing demand for the Cableless and Structured Luff technology and to ensure consistent supply for Doyle’s entire international loft network.

The Stratis technology is a custom solution that provides all of the benefits afforded by this leading-edge concept, delivering sails that are designed as they are intended for the entire life of the sail. Each Stratis sail is 100% custom, from performance racing sails with enhanced durability, to Superyacht sails that require the physical structure of high modulus fibres to take the enormous loads that are generated. The same technology applies to cruising sails for owners simply seeking a longer-lasting sail inventory that’s easier to handle.

The ever-expanding list of world-class sailors and experts that believe in the technology, innovation and philosophy, ensures that our ethos flows through to all that choose to work with us. Whether you are racing your yacht at a club level or Grand Prix, the same expert knowledge and attention to detail is applied to each and every sail. Our expert sailors and sailmakers are committed to making your sailing more enjoyable – delivering quality, performance and innovative solutions each and every time, allowing you to sail with confidence.

Doyle Sails is proud to have designed and engineered sails for more than 250 Superyachts and Grand Prix campaign’s, and counting – including Alex Thomson’s IMOCA 60, HUGO BOSS. From November this year, Alex Thomson will begin his quest to win the 2020 Vendee Globe, which starts from Les Sables d’Olonne in France.

“Reliability and attention to detail are key across every individual element of the new HUGO BOSS boat, and those factors are particularly important when it comes to the sails. For us, Doyle was the clear choice. They understand our team and the high standards that we expect. We’re very pleased to work with Doyle who, like us, prioritise quality, innovation and attention to detail. The sails we choose need to be light enough to be used when I’m racing alone but strong enough to withstand the pressures of a round-the-world yacht race for more than 70 days at sea. Weight, durability, reliability and performance are therefore all crucial, which is why I chose the Stratis product from Doyle.”  – Alex Thomson, HUGO BOSS

Doyle Sails’ earliest catchphrase ‘Better Engineered Sails’ remains at the heart of the company’s approach, with each Stratis sail structurally engineered with the appropriate fibres for that sail’s specific application. Every time the Stratis machine runs a path of fibres, it’s entirely custom to that sail. By sailors, for sailors.

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