Doyle Sails has been developing and refining cruising spinnakers since the 1980's. Our aim is to provide cruising spinnakers which offer better all-around performance and ease of handling.


The All-Purpose Asymmetric fills the downwind space in your sailing inventory with one easy-to-use sail. The sail combines the characteristics of a reaching A1 sail with a VMG sail – without a pole or other expensive equipment. The all-purpose gennaker is designed to excel in wide range of wind strengths and angles.

Design: The even entry allows easier trimming and stabilises the sail. A flatter leech creates less backwind for better reaching. The longer luff gives more mainsail projection. The shorter leech makes it easier to trim on all points of the sail. Also available in a symmetrical shape. Talk to your local Doyle expert to find out which shape best suits your needs.

The Doyle Utility Power Sail (UPS) is the link between a headsail and a spinnaker, with a wider usable wind range than either. It’s the first sail for cruisers who’ve done away with cumbersome, overlapping genoas but don’t want to give up power in light air, or performance at any wind speed while reaching or running.

The UPS is lightweight. It sets and furls on its own luff rope and furler. It goes upwind and downwind. It flies like a spinnaker, but cannot collapse like a spinnaker, even when sailing as close as 33 degrees apparent. The effective wind range of a UPS is 33-180 degrees apparent.

The UPS sets on its own flexible Vectran line so there’s no need to remove your furling genoa, and it stores in its own bag when not in use.

When sailing hard on the wind the jib and main work almost as one, and thus the combined elliptical profile determines the aerodynamic efficiency. When eased off, or reaching, the sails act more independently and the geometry of each is critical to performance. The sail designers at Doyle have developed shaping techniques that support critical roach area in headsails without the need for battens so you can enjoy the efficiency of an elliptical form and have a sail that can be easily furled! Thus, not only does the Doyle UPS provide more area for light air and for off the wind sailing it provides much greater efficiency!

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