Doyle Sails Internship opens pathways for Robbie McCutcheon

I have been fortunate enough to spend nine weeks full-time, working at Doyle Sails as a business intern completing my three-year Bachelor of Business degree studying at the Auckland University of Technology. First and foremost, I am a high-performance sailor and I have been since I started when I was seven years old. Sailing has always been the biggest part of my life, with success sailing in the junior classes to now currently pursuing international match racing as a skipper with the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron’s Performance Programme.

With sailing being my passion, it was a no-brainer for me to merge my yachting obsession into a business environment alongside completing my university placement. Having used Doyle Sails throughout my sailing career I am very fortunate to have the connections that put me in touch and ultimately get hired as a business intern. This has been an amazing experience working closely with both the management team as well as the skilled sailmakers that Doyle Sails have employed.

My time as a business intern has presented lots of opportunities for me which include building the great connections at the company as well as learning the skills needed to be a top-level sail maker. Learning how the business operates with both Doyle Sails NZ and Doyle Sails International has been a huge eye-opener to the business world after doing three years of theory at university. The chance for me to apply this knowledge has been great and I am very grateful to work in such a positive company.

Ensuring I have been able to balance my sailing and university life has always been a challenge but I would honestly working full time in the industry on top that has made it easier to blur the lines between study and sport.

As I mentioned before, having had the opportunity to learn and work as a sailmaker, which as a 21 year old with the dream of becoming a professional sailor, it is an invaluable opportunity that will benefit my career. During my time with DSNZ I have been involved with all aspects of the business from internal meetings and planning sessions, some hours on the floor sail making and sea trials of new sails.

Doyle Sails have been very accommodating during my time here and I am very thankful for the opportunities they have given me.

After studying full time for three years, I am finishing my degree at the end of the year and I will now be able to focus on my sailing career full time and making sure I am available to take every opportunity that comes my way on my journey to becoming a professional sailor. I am currently on the international match racing circuit, alongside sailing my WASZP and getting as much foiling experience as possible. With events such as the Youth America’s Cup, more pathways in our sport are opening up for youth sailors to get their opportunity and I’m very excited for the future ahead. I will continue to be a part of the Doyle family and I look forward to starting this new chapter on my journey. 

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