Corfu Sail Makers operates in the industry of sail repairs, biminis, sprayhoods, covers, cushions and other accessories manufacture for your yacht.

The experience and know-how of our team leaves no room for mistakes that can cost you time and money. Honesty and respect for you are key ingredients in building a relationship of trust. We are always by your side to advise you and give a solution.

Corfu Sail Makers is not an impersonal mass production corporate, but a loft that treats each customer and their needs with care. Creativity is a key pillar of our work, so that we can provide you with custom made options for your boat.

A basic condition for the repair of sails and manufacture of biminis, sprayhoods, covers, pillows, is aesthetics. Through the many years of experience and the procedures we follow, we ensure the best possible result, both qualitatively and aesthetically.

Our work requires a special approach, in order to achieve an excellent result with precision. For this reason, we use state-of-the-art machinery, strict specifications and control at all stages of production.

We guarantee that the result we will deliver you meets 100% of your draft and expectations.

More infortmation about the SERVICES provided are down the page, Sail repairs, covers, upholstry and biminis



Sail the Blue Yachting
Marina Gouvia, 49100 Corfu, Greece

Phone number: +30 26610 91531
Mobile number: +30 6942022527

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Argyris Tangalidis | CEO

Argyris, has over 30 years of experience at sea as a skipper, sailor and engineer, with many participations and distinctions in world sailing races. He has sailed in Greece, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Israel, Egypt and all over the Mediterranean Sea. He is also the owner of the company Sail the Blue Yachting which is active in the yacht repair, refitting, rigging and engineering for 20 years.

Argyris is a fluent speaker in Greek, English, German, Italian and Russian.

Phone number: +30 26610 91531
Mobile number: +30 6942022527



Maria | Head of Operations

Maria is the Head of Operations of Corfu Sail Makers. Starting as a saleswoman in a shipping store 25 years ago, she quickly became a Managing Director. For the last 16 years Maria has been the Head of Operations of the loft and responsible for the day-to-day functions of the business. Maria also speaks Greek and English.


Astrid | Senior Sail Maker

Astrid has been in the yacht industry since she was very young, having worked as a hostess on yachts and in large boat repair companies. She is the sail maker with the greatest experience, as she works with the repair and construction of sails for the last 20 years. Astrid is also a multilingual person, as she speaks Dutch, English, French, German & Greek.


Sail repairs

Corfu Sails Maker provides sail repair services. All work / repairs are performed at our loft located in the area of Gouvia in Corfu by experienced sail makers, always using the best materials. We repair sails of any manufacturer, type and size.

The main core of every cooperation for us starts from the inspection of the sails. Then, after we complete the check, we prepare the offer and send it to you via e-mail. Once the offer is approved by you, the process of repairing your sails begins.


We know very well the importance of bimini on the boat so that you are protected and nothing spoils your trip. Biminis offer shade, protection and comfort to you and the boat crew. The biminis that we manufacture are specially designed to fullfil the needs of each customer and are adapted to fit the specific dimensions of each boat.

They allow quick installation and removal, providing the best possible shading, while allowing use when crossing even in difficult weather conditions. We are very proud to be pioneers in design and as one of the best manufacturers of bimini since 2002.

Covers (dinghy, boat, lazy bags, par breeze cover)

Protecting your boat and the rest of your marine property such as your dingy, staring wheel and instrument console from the weather and the corrosion it can cause is very important to avoid future maintenance costs.

At Corfu Sail Makers the excellent quality of the materials we use to create high-strength covers, offers protection from the sun (UV radiation), sea water, wind and dust.

We design and manufacture covers that meet your requirements and always guided by the correct application, high durability and top quality of materials.


Boat comfort is no longer a luxury but a key factor in the design of sailing and speedboats. The pillows we design fulfill the needs of a boat and are made in a specific way, to offer comfort in the adverse conditions that the crew is often called to face at sea. All our pillows are designed to provide a perfect fit and the possible replacement is easy in case a pillow is lost or damaged.

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