Doyle Sails Sailmaking Programme, a deep dive into the ins and outs

Become a Doyle Sailmaker and Join the World Class Team

One of the most comprehensive and advanced sailmaking curriculums in the world, the Doyle Sailmaking Programme is designed to slingshot apprentices to the top of the industry. It focuses on creating opportunities for participants – both on the water and on the loft floor.

The programme is backed by over 35 years of experience in training and developing world class sailmakers and Doyle has developed over 500 sailmakers in the last 25 years. Those that helped create the programme have gone through sailmaking apprenticeships themselves and have risen to the top of the industry, keeping the programme’s content relevant and successful through the progression of sailmaking technology.

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The Doyle Sailmaking Programme is a three-year course that will leave apprentices with a wealth of knowledge that spans from sewing machine to sail design and everything in between. Learning while working is the biggest asset of the programme. Apprentices have the chance to work alongside some of the most high-profile sailors, designers and campaigns in the world.

If you are looking to get into the marine industry with a skill that you can take anywhere in the world and can provide a unique career path, this is the perfect opportunity.

Creating Relationships

While a part of the programme, apprentices will work with and alongside the top sailors in the industry. Doyle sales team, designers and project managers are extremely hands-on – almost all of them current professional sailors, coming from a sailmaking background themselves and willing to share their knowledge.

They are always working on the highest-profile boats and races in the world, making sure there is never a dull moment for anyone in the process.

Working as a team with some of the top professionals gives apprentices the opportunity to not only further their sailmaking career, but create relationships and contacts with sailors all over the world. These contacts can lead to career opportunities either onshore or on the water.

Apprentices get the opportunity to sea trial sails that they have made with the sales team and the designers. To see the systems in place, how the design is crucial and how exciting a new sail is for a customer is all a part of the sailmaking process.

Endless Opportunities

Doyle provides the opportunity to apply for a paid internship at any one of the different lofts around the world, making sure to keep the community employed and empower the progression of sailmaking and leadership.

Different lofts provide different opportunities. There have been apprentices as part of this programme that have worked on a variety of campaigns. From IMOCAs to SailGP to the America’s Cup – Doyle sailmakers have worked on some of the most intricate, precise and detail-oriented sails in the world.

Once graduated from the programme, sailmakers are permanently placed within the team and become a qualified Doyle Sailmaker. The qualification is recognised worldwide by Doyle Sails.

The career paths that are available within Doyle Sails have the ability to take you further than any other sailmaking organisation worldwide. There is not just one single path, there are multiple directions that working with Doyle Sails can take you – which part of the sailmaking industry interests you the most?

Next Generation

Changes are constant in the sailing industry, from design to sail technology. The next generation of sailmakers bring with them a unique perspective on sustainability, business and teamwork. The voices of change and improvement will always be heard and absorbed by the Doyle team.

The goal of the Doyle Sailmaking Programme is to create an educational space that allows apprentices to grow into what they are most interested in within the sport. Whether your career goal is to be a professional sailor, sales person, sail designer, project manager or sailmaker – the programme is designed to get you there. To challenge ideas and work to create the best product.

JOIN THE PROGRAMME // If you want to join the team of world-class sailmakers, apply to be a part of the program here.

Who can apply? If you would like to join our team of world class sailmakers, it is important to download the information pack and complete the application form here. Please email this to reception@doylesails.com

Once your application has been received and the information meets our criteria, we will be in contact to arrange an interview. We like to meet with you on site at Doyle Sails as we can then show you the working environment in a little more detail. Sometimes, more than one interview is required and once our facilitator has met with you and discussed all that is required, a formal approval or declination will be made.

ABOUT DOYLE SAILS // For close to four decades, Doyle Sails has supported sailors, committing to deliver custom sail solutions to those that seek the same enjoyment, performance and adventure as we do. Doyle Sails is home to the best sailors and sailmakers in the world. In every sailing hub, you will find your local Doyle Sails loft nearby, where the quality, performance and customer service that you have come to expect from Doyle Sails can be found. Learn more here.

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