Doyle offers two J70 mainsail options that are from the same molded shape. The M2 version mainsail design from 2016 through the present day. The M5 version main  was new for 2023 and features a rocked crosscut panel layout to a catenary curve to project the leech aft under load. M5 has proven to be a smoother version of M2, especially in higher wind speeds.  Both mains feature an internal gaff batten to control  and help prevent top batten inversion on both tacks and smoother out of the head. All five mainsail battens are fitted with RBS rocket tensioners. Mainsails come standard with both vision and spreader window, J70 insignia, sail numbers, and roll bag.

Doyle offers three J70 radial jibs. All three jibs are built from Dimension Polyant’s 284 Pro Radial HTP fabric. This has proven to be the most durable, lowest stretch polyester fabric and still meet the class minimum weight. All our jibs have earned the reputation as being the longest lasting performers on the market.  Jibs are all fitted with vision and telltale windows, three tapered RBS leech battens, zippered luff, and roll bag.
The J9R jib is a biradial panel layout and still proves to be our best performing all purpose jib throughout the range.
The J10SL jib was developed to be our best wave jib for big sea state and nasty chop. This is our most powerful and draft forward design that features a two paneled structured luff layout to support the headstay in the higher wind speeds.
The J11SL jib was developed to be our highest pointing jib in smoother more protected venues. This is our most draft aft design that features a three paneled structured luff panel layout to support the headstay in the higher wind speeds.

Doyle One Design offers two J70 full radial AIRX 650 spinnaker options. Both spinnakers are fitted with adjustable luff, leech, and foot cords, as well as drawstring bag.
The S12 spinnaker is our best wing on wing performer and the most stable in the rougher sea states.
The S14 spinnaker is our best planing and displacement mode kite. This spinnaker is particularly well suited for light air conditions under 10 knots and in planing conditions of 15+ knots.

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J70 World Championship 2018
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