Positive in so many ways - reduced compression, higher drive force, and greater range. The power of positivity is more important than ever and Doyle Sails has done the hard yards - now it's up to you to reap the reward. Speak to your Doyle Sails expert about what Structured Luff sails can bring to your sailing experience, don't get left behind.


In the Grand Prix and Superyacht market, Doyle Sails’ has triggered a key change in design, delivering breakthrough technology. Doyle Sails innovative approach has not only provided a new generation of high-performance sails, but started a revolution that looks set to have a far greater knock-on effect into other areas of the market. So significant are the developments, that there are many reasons that the Structured Luff technology could transform how yachts are designed and built.

At the heart of this development is changing the manner in which load in the luff of a sail is distributed and by reducing luff sag it allows the sail to achieve more driving force.

Right: Bella Mente, Maxi 72 sailing upwind with positive headstay projection.


Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf is one of the most spectacular training grounds for high performance race yachts, and this week was no different with a break in Auckland’s wild winter weather providing the perfect sea trial conditions for recently launched CARO, a Botin 52 built by Core Builders Composites in New Zealand.

The yacht is will head to Europe with the goal of winning some of the world’s most well respected offshore races including the Rolex Middle Sea Race, Fastnet, Transpac and Sydney to Hobart. The project has been managed by Auckland expert Justin Ferris from Doyle Sails New Zealand.


The philosophy and delivery of the 46m sailing yacht Elfje’s new sail package was always going to ask a lot of the sailmakers and furling manufacturers, with high level loads and a large sail area. When designing Elfje’s new sail wardrobe to incorporate the Doyle Sails Structured Luff and Cableless technology, carefully engineered sails changed the way loads were being distributed through the sails.


The yacht features a powerful sail plan, utilising Doyle Sails’ most innovative technology to ensure that the yacht is easy to manage for two people and that sails can be used with ease. The yacht will be fitted with a Square Top Mainsail and paired with a Structured Luff jib and Genoa Staysail, Cableless A3 and Cableless Upwind J0. All sails are built out of Doyle Sails’ Stratis 1100 range in Black providing unmatched performance to every Stratis sail.

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